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You Got Me (JenLisa)

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"And the third reason?" Lisa asked as she rested her hands on Jennie's hips.

Jennie laughed, her shoulders were shaking. The sound of it echoed across Lisa's place, making the two cats on the top of the stairs stirred and craned their necks to get a better view of a laughing Jennie. It was a beautiful sight.

"Do you want me to show it to you or would you rather I'll tell you a story?" Jennie asked playfully.

Lisa contemplated for a moment. She was absentmindedly chewing the walls of her mouth.

"How about we make a deal?" she asked. "Tell me a story, and if it's a good enough story, I will show you something. What say you, Jennie Kim?"

Jennie raised a brow and asked, "Why do I feel like you're patronizing me the way you're saying my name right now?"

"So, it's not a deal then?" Lisa replied, looking smug. But a shadow of a smirk was hinting on the corner of her mouth.

"Fine. Deal," Jennie said.

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Marguerite - A Thomas Shelby story

Marguerite is a story set in the 1920s, also known as the Roaring Twenties. This period was a time of prosperity for the Western world who got back on their feet soon after the First World War ended. However, the poor were struggling to keep themselves on their feet while the rich indulged in their newfound successes. Marguerite is a young woman in her 20's who comes from a privileged family and is one of the few women in the country who were fortunate enough to be able to study. She studies history in Cambridge and spends time with her Aunt Emmeline on weekends. She is successful in school and talented at literature but her life is uneventful...That is until the tragic revelation of a family secret uncovers a new and exciting but dangerous path in her life that begins in Birmingham's Small Heath, where a ruthless world is governed with a bloody iron fist by the Peaky Blinders. Will she go down this path and what will it lead to?

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Dearly Departed

Poem about someone you truly love leaving you and doesn't want anything to do with you anymore but, you still love them dearly.

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Killer Secret

Kaito Takashi is an assassin who does business with the Yakuza. However, while doing some dirty work in America, he is caught and arrested. While serving his time in Queenstown Penitentiary and waiting for an execution order, Haruka, a Japanese detective meets with Kaito and offers him a job. Katashi, Kaito's younger brother is missing. In return for helping Haruka solve his missing brother's case, he's offered the chance of having a reduced prison sentence. Kaito takes the job, but with it comes with many cons. He has to change his name to Leo Takemi, and he's not allowed to kill anyone, or involve himself with any innocent bystanders. Kaito thinks this is an easy task, but what happens when his ego is tampered with by a persistent journalist who's after him?7/28/22 #1 Assassin

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i have no words

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โ˜ฝBook #1 of the Luna Dea Islands Trilogy.The Luna Dea Islands, other known as the black hole to the human world possesses the lives of thousands of werewolves where they are hidden in secrecy. No human had ever step foot on the Luna Dea Islands, those who look for it being lost forever at sea. Until Lyla Darcy is brought to the Island as an infant, unknown to the fact she is the mate to the future alpha, Romulus Astor.They are kept apart for seventeen years, Lyla unknown of her destiny as the Luna of Astoria where her mate is begging for her to be given to him. The wait is unbearable, pain coursing through Romulus's veins as he is in need of his mate. But when her destiny is revealed, she is faced with the struggle of accepting it after being kept in the dark her entire existence. Lyla must face her destiny with Romulus and go through the turmoil of Astoria as unwelcome wolves making their presence on their land. Blood will be shed, love will be torturous, and hearts will be forever shattered in Astoria.#823 in Werewolf on January 16th#109 in Paranormal on January 16th

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skye orgin story

basicly my edition of skyes orgin story

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