You are my Mumma (TK)✅

You are my Mumma (TK)✅

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Category: Fanfiction
Where son of Kim Taehyung , the most successful businessman of korea takes jeon jungkook , his kindergarten teacher as his mumma .

But the issue is that Taehyung and jungkook hate eachother with passion and there is a secret lingering around .

" Mr Kim I am sorry to say but this is not how you should behave in front of your son "- jungkook

" He is my son Mr Jeon , you have no say in our matters, don't get my son attached to you to just leave at the end "- Taehyung

Top tae
Bottom koo
English is not my first language.

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Yiqingqing died young, but when she went to the underworld, she was told that she was a person of great merit and virtue. She was supposed to be rich and powerful. She fumbled towards the lottery machine. "Ding, you get a female supporting role in the book world once, and a check-in system." ... Later she brought the check-in system to the 1970s and went to the countryside to jump in the queue. [You sign in on the train bound for the Great Northeast, and you get a gift package for educated youth going to the countryside] [You sign in on the loess road in the countryside, and you get a bicycle ticket] [You sign in on Yun Guyuan, and you get Yun Guyuan's A daily love gift pack] It seems that something strange has mixed in. When I opened the love gift pack, Yi Qingqing's eyes lit up. Comrade Yun Guyuan, please touch me again! It's all because of this system that it can't check in through the air! Yun Guyuan: If you touch it, you will be responsible. ......... The introduction is incompetent,

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