Worlds Colliding (Supernatural, Book Four)

Worlds Colliding (Supernatural, Book Four)

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All credits go to CW and the writers for the TV show Supernatural. All the credits for the music used goes to the respectable writers and singers.

heartofice97: Catty Winchester, Brett Blake, Ian McGregor. (Young Catty Winchester and Young Ian McGregor.)

mysticfalls1997: Ness Singer.

Katherinep97: Scarlett Winchester, Young Scarlett Winchester, Zane, Angelos the Angel.

TVDlover97: Octavia the Angel.

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Worlds Colliding (Supernatural, Book One)

Sam, Dean, Catty and Scarlett Winchester are doing everything that they can to look for their father, John, and hunt and do their job at the same time. "Saving people, hunting things. The family business."And even though Bobby and Ness Singer, old family friends, aren't introduced until the very end of this book, they the ones that will be there for the Winchesters the longest.All rights go to the creators of Supernatural and the CW, except for the fanfiction characters and plots. Heartofice97: Catty Winchester, Brett Blake Mysticfalls1997: Ness Singer Katherinep97: Scarlett Winchester
Worlds Colliding (Supernatural, Book Six)

Catty, Scarlett and Dean Winchester and Ness Singer have been out of the life for a year now.Catty had gone to her old flame, Brett Blake, up in New York, and made friends with his family. Became a cook at a restaurant and babysat Brett's sister, Sarah's, baby Abby.Scarlett and Angelos the Angel have been made closer than ever given that they made a promise to Sam that they would be there for each other, and have actually fallen for each other. Zane is jealous of the new relationship his ex Scar has, and vows to get something in return... but what could that be? He has been made the King of Crossroads by the new King of Hell, Crowley, who work together to obtain a nearly impossible goal while hiding their true intentions, and it all involves the way Catty and Castiel and how they both have changed, intending to get something from them like Zane intends to get something from Scarlett and Angelos, but no one knows what or why.Dean and Ness had remained in Sioux Falls. Dean became a construction worker. Ness still works at TJz.But everything changes when their past comes back to haunt them, and Sam Winchester, who they thought to be dead, brings them back into the game.But Catty only comes back because of a disaster that happens, that rattles her to the core, because she blames and hates herself for it. It's a different side of Catty that we haven't seen before.And Castiel the Angel is acting strange. Unlike himself. Sometimes there's a switch in his brain that can flip whenever.And Octavia the Angel is back to full power, but she still feels as strongly as a human does due to her human experience, no matter how short. And even though she knew something was wrong with Sam because they've gone closer, she'd never guessed that he'd left behind his soul in Lucifer's cage with Lucifer and Michael.Everything is about to shatter...For all of them.You can't outrun your past.
Worlds Colliding (Supernatural, Book Three)

Catty Winchester sold her soul for her siblings Scarlett, Sam and Dean. She has a year left to live, and she'd like to make the most of it, "kill some evil sons of bitches and raise a little hell".Scarlett, Sam and Dean are trying to save Catty, but they don't know that if they save her, that they themselves die in her place.Family friends Ness and Bobby Singer are always there for a hand in folklore, a job or any other situation that they need help in, but what happens when Ness and Bobby need help, and Sam, Dean, Catty and Scarlett have to come to the rescue this time?And will they be able to save Catty, or is she going to Hell?All rights go to the creators of Supernatural and the CW, except for the fanfiction characters and plots.Heartofice97: Catty Winchester, Brett BlakeMysticfalls1997: Ness SingerKatherinep97: Scarlett Winchester, Zane
Worlds Colliding (Supernatural, Book Five)

Catty Winchester is "the vessel". Michael's vessel.Sam Winchester is Lucifer's vessel.Dean and Scarlett Winchester are doing whatever it takes to keep their sister and brother from their "fates" and "destiny".Sam and Scarlett are dealing with the aftermath of what they had done with Ruby and Zane, and trying to come to grips without their powers.Ness and Bobby Singer are in for a hard, trying year this year, from beginning to end, that leads both of them to believe that maybe one or both of them should try to get out of this life.Castiel and Angelos are fugitives amoung the Angels, getting more and more close to Catty and Scarlett respectively.Octavia is kind of like their "double agent". Even if she doesn't have all of the powers she had before, she's still on the inside, and she is willing to help her friends. But when she finds out God doesn't care, will it lead to Ava's complete alienation from the Angels?Zane is back from Hell. Again. And to make up for the wrongs he has done alongside Ruby, he is going undercover himself, working for and against the Demons and Lucifer, so he can make it up to the Winchesters, who can never be certain if he'll ever try to double cross or betray them again.The Apocalypse is here. Michael is in the wind. Lucifer is bold and ready.And the only ones who can stop it are Catty, Sam, Dean, Scarlett, Ness, Castiel, Octavia, Angelos, Bobby... and Zane?But will they be enough to stop it all, or will they all die trying?
Worlds Colliding (Supernatural, Book Two)

John Winchester is no longer with them.Sam, Dean, Catty and Scarlett Winchester are grieving their father's death in different ways.Sam is coping.Scarlett is sad and distant.Dean is angry and violent.Catty is almost numb. But she's handling it better than Dean is.They're still hunting, and they're still on the job.And Bobby and Ness Singer are able to help them more and more.But could their be a possible relationship between Dean or Ness, not in the immediate present, but in the later future?And what happens when Yellow Eyes is dead set on finding and using his "Special Children", including Sam?And who will be involved other than the Winchesters?Who will help them fight this battle and win this war?All rights go to the creators of Supernatural and the CW, except for the fanfiction characters and plots.Heartofice97: Catty Winchester, Brett BlakeMysticfalls1997: Ness SingerKatherinep97: Scarlett Winchester, Ryan West
Worlds Colliding (Supernatural, Book Seven)

The revelation of Castiel being controlled and manipulated into such things has shattered everyone involved.Sam, Dean, Catty and Scarlett Winchester.Ness and Bobby Singer.And Octavia and Angelos the Angels.Catty also realizes that Castiel hadn't been the only one who had been manipulated and used by Crowley, Zane and Balthazar. She realizes exactly what happened, and she is willing to o anything to try to fix it, even while grieving Castiel, Octavia and Angelos's deaths.Scarlett realizes that she and Catty, and Angelos, were too used by Crowley, Zane and Balthazar, and the revelation of what the three of them used Catty, Castiel, Scarlett and Angelos to create shakes the world of Catty and Scar, who now have to find the creations without the help of Cas and Los due to the events of last book.Dean is angry at Crowley, Zane and Balthazar. He is angry at Castiel for letting them get so far as to control him the way they had. He's angry that Octavia and Angelos died. He's angry at everything. But when Bobby dies, will he continue to fall part or be there for Ness?Sam is going through his Hell Wall that is crumbling, and Octavia's death. What remains of his Hell Wall comes in a shape that surprises him. It's not only Lucifer that he sees.Ness has always been the level-headed one. The one to go to when you need help for advice. But when her father, Bobby dies, what will this do to her, after she already lost Cas, Ava, Los, and so many other people due to Crowley, Zane and Balthazar? Will she be angry, devastated or revenge-driven? Or all of the above?What happens when Catty and Scar find what they're looking for?What happens when Ness gets her revenge?What happens when people that they think are dead don't stay dead?And who else will they lose?

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