Worlds apart

Worlds apart

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Category: Romance
Lovers that were forced to separate due to no one accepting there love.

Being killed because of there "sinners love that goes against nature"

But no mater what happened there love stayed strong and there souls stayed connected.

But will they be able to find each other once again.

Will they finally be able to be together without hiding their love.

Even tho they are Wolds Apart.

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What if there was a 4th davenport, Elizabeth Davenport the youngest sister to Adam, Bree and Chase. When Leo moves in with his mother and new step father, he soon finds four bionic teenager.( on hold till further notice)I don't own Lab rats, All I own is Elizabeth 's story line

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... I had exams to revise for in early April when the actual Analogical Week was, so welcome to me spending how ever many hours wasting a summer heatwave by writing fluff.I also have no idea how tags work so this will be a fun experience for all of us!No characters are mine and no art is mine. Analogical Week was created by analogicalweek on Tumblr.

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