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Daniel Watts is a widowed father of two, Gianna and Grant. After five years of being on his own, Daniel decides to hire a live-in nanny to take care of his children, and for them to have a motherly figure.

Tyra Baker is a twenty-four-year-old nanny. After recently selling her bakery, Tyra decided that it was time to pursue another passion of hers, nannying.

The moment Daniel set his eyes on Tyra he felt an undeniable attraction for her, but in his mind, a young woman with such a promising future couldn't be interested in a man fifteen years her senior who has two young children.

So what happens when the attraction he feels becomes something more?

Can Tyra see Daniel as something more than just her older boss?

Or will Daniel learn that sometimes you only get one chance at true love?

Can a young woman and an older man truly find love without any ulterior motives?

Find out in, With Abandon.

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The Clean Reads Collection

Are you looking for a clean read with Christian themes?

This collection has four amazing romantic stories that will make you laugh, smile, sigh, grumble, and smile once again because of the guaranteed happy ending!

Amora Jean
His Serendipity
With Abandon
By Grace


Published: November 19th, 2020
Completed: December 25, 2020

100k: September 26, 2021
150k: March 14, 2022
200k: September 11, 2022
250k: 2023
300k: January 25, 2024

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