Wishful Dreams (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Fanfic)

Wishful Dreams (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Fanfic)

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**Credit to Rufus147 for the beautiful cover**
Elkie Winters is asked by one of her friends about what world she would want to be in and she says "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid". Suddenly she finds herself stuck in a battle in the world of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid just like what she told her friend. Tossed into a whole new world filled with confusion, she is taken in by the CR and finds out that her dream of being in the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid universe has come true.

As Elkie goes on in the world of her dreams, she learns that it isn't what it seems. She finds herself in a lot of danger when the Bugsters pose a threat to her and when the ultimate game master, Kuroto Dan, learns of her presence. Can she survive all of that? (summary due to change)

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