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wires, steve harrington

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❝ the wires got the best of him ❞

s. harrington x henderson!oc
stranger things seasons two, three, and four
lowercase intended

© hollywillow-

- awarded best steve harrington fanfic 2022

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The short Qiu Jiujiu's wish is to find a handsome guy with broad shoulders, narrow waist, long legs and a passionate love affair, and change the genes of her offspring; who would have thought that everything would come true after she traveled through the book. Before learning that she traveled through the book, Qiu Jiujiu was an NPC who gave the heroine a golden finger...Protagonist: Qiu Jiujiu, Yan Chen╭┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈◦┊ ☣ Title : 穿书末世,我改变了NPC命运┊ 𐐪 Author: 納蘭輕舞┊ꨄ︎ Category: Romance novels┊꩜ Chapters: 286╰┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈◦ Not mine ✿ For offline reading ✿ MTL
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-A Poppy Playtime AU Self Insert-Y/N's mother had worked at Playtime Co. many years ago. She had inevitably quit to spend more time with her remaining family and take care of her newly adopted child. Y/N was born during that time, too. But one day, his mother receives a letter from her old workplace. Without a person to give her son to to take care of while she's gone investigating, Y/N goes with his mother into the factory, unknowing of what awaits him from his mother's horrid past.
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As I got closer to the house I saw the silhouette of someone. As I got closer he looked up at me and said mate. I was confused at first but then as I started to recognize him I could not believe who it was. Jake was my mate? How could this be? So many questions started in my head when he suddenly said, "I Jake Blackwood future alpha of blue crest 5/31/2022 #911 in Luna-----------------------6/2/2022 #51 in new love6/2/2022 #496 in rejection 6/2/2022 #94 in alpha king 6/2/2022 #19 in Luna queen-------------------------6/3/2022 #47 in new love 6/3/2022 #425 in rejection 6/3/2022 #298 in bxg6/3/2022 #345 in rejected6/3/2022 #96 in alpha king 6/3/2022 #16 in queen Luna---------------------6/4/2022 #43 in new love6/4/2022 # 411 in rejection 6/4/2022 #272 in bxg6/4/2022 #331 in rejected 6/4/2022 #94 alpha king 6/4/2022 #15 Luna queen--------------6/5/2022 #39 in new love 6/5/2022 # 420 in rejection 6/5/2022 #257 in bxg6/5/2022 # 326 in rejected 6/5/2022 #13 in Luna queen 6/5/2022 #96 in alpha king-------6/6/2022 #42 in new love 6/6/2022 #425 in rejection 6/6/2022 #248 In bxg 6/6/2022 # 344 in rejected6/6/2022 #14 Luna queen 6/6/2022 #101 alpha king --------------7/31/2022 #3 in new love7/31/2022 #355 in bxg7/31/2022 #139 in alpha king 7/31/2022 #28 in Luna queen---------8/3/2022 #2 in new love8/3/2022 #445 in bxg 8/3/2022 #22 in luna queen8/3/2022 #138 in alpha king
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God's Love Game [Unlimited]神明的恋爱游戏[无限]Author:木鱼歌Status:112 Chapters (Completed)Description:Before dying, the blind beauty Xiangnu accidentally entered an infinite escape world.He thought he had escaped death, but never thought that because of his blindness, the first world was regarded as a consumable cannon fodder, and was stuffed into the world of the god of death, where the clearance rate was almost zero.In order to survive and restore the light, Xiangnu decided to sell the color and fight, and entangled the most powerful boss in this game in his intuition.The boss is also very powerful, and he took the slave god to block the killing of the gods and Buddhas, and cleared the legendary world of death.After clearing the customs, the first thing Xiangnu did was to change his eyes with rich rewards, so that he could see again.After that, he opened the task panel and prepared to review the first world to accumulate experience for his future tasks.But I found out... in the task list, he was the only clearer in that world.And on his task panel, the unspeakable contact named with three red exclamation marks is still sending him a message:"Baby, I'm right outside your door, open the door for me."Xiangnu : ...If he is the only survivor in the mission, the boss who took him through the customs and the red exclamation mark outside waiting for him to open the door... what the hell are they? Dungeon ghosts: π_π he is the god of death! He is the number one male god in our thousands of worlds! The hot chicken player is shameless, if he can't beat the male god, he will be beauties and seduce, you quickly return our male god ah WuwuwuNOTE:➸ Machine Translated (NOT EDITED)➸ Poor Quality Translation➸ For Offline Purposes➸ Slow Updates
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(F/n) leads a peaceful and calm life in the Mushroom Kingdom and shares a strong bond of friendship with the noble Princess Peach.Though, (F/n) has a unique fascination with the King of the Koopas, Bowser, which sets her apart from the crowd. Unfortunately, sharing this interest often leads to ridicule. However, her peculiar trait may prove to be the key to defeating Bowser's quest for world domination...⁑Warning! May contain strong language, mature and suggestive content!⁑Super Mario and all characters from Super Mario belong to their original creators, the Nintendo team/Shigeru Miyamoto.

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IMPORTANT: This book references incidents that have happened in the manga till Chapter 350. So anime-only fans and those who have not caught up to the manga, SPOILER ALERT.This is just a 'what if' scenario about how My Hero Academia's story can conclude. Of course this is not canon and is just a fun one-shot imagining of how this series could finally end. And when the series does end, this could act as a 'what if' alternate scenario about how the anime series could have ended differently. I have written this one-shot just for fun and it should not be taken seriously.P.S: This story is pretty depressing tbhAll respective characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi, Studio Bones and any other parties concerned.

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Originally published on Technavio: Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging Market by Packaging, Type, and Geography - Forecast and Analysis 2023-2027### **Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging Market Research Report**#### **1. Executive Summary**- Overview of the Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging market.- Key findings and market trends.- Growth prospects and emerging opportunities.#### **2. Introduction**- Definition and significance of Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging.- Historical development and evolution of the Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging market.#### **3. Market Size and Forecast**- Historical market size and growth.- Current market size and trends.- Future projections and factors influencing growth.#### **4. Market Segmentation**- Types of Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging services (primary packaging, secondary packaging, labeling, serialization, etc.).- Key players and market share in each segment.#### **5. Competitive Landscape**- Major Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging providers.- SWOT analysis of key companies.- Innovations, partnerships, and sustainability efforts.#### **6. Industry Verticals**- Trends in the adoption of Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging across different pharmaceutical sectors (OTC drugs, prescription drugs, biopharmaceuticals, etc.).- Market share and growth in each vertical.#### **7. Global Sourcing and Supply Chain**- Trends in global sourcing and supply chain management for Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging.- Impact on supply chain efficiency, quality control, and regulatory compliance.For more information please contact.

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Everything seems to be perfect for university student, Darcy. Her grades are good, she has amazing friends - oh, and of course there's Charlie, her gorgeous roommate who no one knows she's been shagging. But when Charlie suddenly leaves uni, and subsequently Darcy, her perfect student life spirals out of control. And an even more unexpected surprise just around the corner threatens to tear her life apart completely.Can Charlie and Darcy beat the obstacles in their path, or will the challenges prove too much for their romance story to endure?

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