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Blake did the last thing he could possibly think of to escape an addictive, abusive relationship. He dropped what he was doing and, under the ruse of simply going out of town for a convention, left town with just a suitcase and a tiny shred of hope that things could possibly get better...

Can be read as stand-alone but would advise reading Snake first.

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Calder did not feel that this was to be his future, but then again, the Norns do what they must for everyone's destiny. He was saved from his mother, who had kicked him and cracked one of his ribs. The man had allowed him to travel with his group while they found a new home and one of the very same group had healed his wound. But, as time went by, different truths began to arise, and Calder was left with a whole new life to traverse. One that he was helped with by that man and his pack.One that he found his Skuldalið in.

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It was supposed to be an easy job. Get the phone and run like hell. Make a few hundred bucks for food, a nice hot shower, and a warm bed to sleep in for a night or two if I'm feeling greedy. I was fast on my feet, could blend with any crowd, and knew how to pick a pocket without anyone seeing. Easy right?Now I'm strapped to a chair, blood running down my face and this man just growled at me. His eyes are starting to glow blue too. What did I just get myself into? How did looking into those blue eyes change my whole life? How much worse can my luck possibly get as everything in my life turns upside down faster than I could keep up?Updates every 5th, 15th, and 25th of each month.Learn how to get access to full NSFW chapters on Tapas, and coming soon Patreon.Follow me here on Wattpad, Twitter, and/or Instagram for sneak peeks into the next chapter two days before posting.Links to all are in my bio!Warning ⚠️ strong language, violence, graphic torture, nudity, sex between two men, blood, death,
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[Book #1 in the Survivors Series]With a soft hand, he tilted my chin up to meet his gaze. His eyes were a piercing brown that I barely recognized, though I had seen them many times before."Wolves mate for life." he pulled me closer, his hand reaching out to touch my neck and then moved down lower to my chest. "Do you know what that means, love?"I shook my head, trying to stare anywhere besides his brooding eyes that seemed to bore straight into my soul.He moved forward slightly, hushing me when I let out a whimper in fear of what he was going to do. Our foreheads came in contact, the result explosive as I let out a small yelp of surprise."It means," he licked his lips before letting his eyes slip closed. "It means that I will never leave you. I want you to burn that into your head, Adrian." he leaned closer once more, whispering one more thing to me. "I will never leave you, mate."Our lips collided, and I felt it as my heart became whole once again.🐺Adrian Smith has felt alone ever since his mother died and his father became an abusive alcoholic. For years his dad continually beat him senseless and constantly blamed Adrian for the death of his mom. He doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere and his hope of living a better life is wearing thin. He dreams of being valued someday, while surrounded by people that love him. When he is forced to leave his house and life behind, what will become of him when he stumbles on a pack of werewolves?Alpha Finn Hale is the 28 year old leader of a small pack, who are better known to him as his family. They are important to him and always brighten the increasing darkness that threatens to take over his life. While most of his family is mated, he has been mateless for over ten years and doesn't know where to turn anymore. What will he do when his mate turns out to be a fragile human running away from a dark past? Will their completely different worlds collide for the better? Or will it all crumble to pieces?

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