Wife Swap ✔️

Wife Swap ✔️

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Category: Romance
This is inspired by true event that happen in 2O16 when a couple decided to swap their cheating spouses.

Athena has been a good girl, some can describe her as a doormat.

Rome has always found Athena, the wife to his best friend, boring, plain, a push over and certainly not his type. He loves a woman with a spine and life flowing through her. When his wife cheats he finds himself forced to live with Athena in a wife swap pact. And together they explore everything they ever held back for the sake of their spouses.

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A long time later, Ah Zhao and her younger generations started chatting about her own story."At first, I was selected by the system to become the man's plug-in to help him reach the pinnacle of life.""-Then what happened afterward?"Ah Zhao lit a cigarette and her expression had great changes:"-Later, I became the wife of the Male God."Flying Lines is a hub of fabulous Chinese novels, where you can read, translate and create.Best translations of the best novels. Hope you will love our translation.
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A Vampire, a witch and a werewolf walk into a bar... if only it was a joke!Allie is a witch, but she doesn't know it yet. Faith Harris does. When Faith brings Allie out to a supernatural nightclub for an evening of drinks and dancing: what could possibly go wrong? But when Allie goes missing, Faith must use all her skills to track down her friend, including forming an alliance with a vampire and a werewolf? What was she thinking? All Damon wants is to live a nice peaceful afterlife...Damon Sinclair is a four-hundred-year-old vampire. He's gotten to that ripe old age, by keeping a low profile and living in the shadows. But a night of drinking, is about to change all that. When local student Allie Greer goes missing, everyone is looking to him for answers. Can't a guy buy a girl a drink these days and not be accused of her murder? Damon must step out of his comfortable shadow life if he wishes to find Allie and clear his good name.Content Warning: This story contains mature language, violence, and reference to alcohol/drug use.

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Oneshots!This is something I've been wanting to do since I started my other Camp Camp Book! I hope you guys comment any suggestions! ~~~Started: 1/17/2021

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Everything was wrong. Annabeth was dead and Percy was drowning. She was dead, or was she?Angsty Percabeth one-shot, happy ending :)

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NCT 24th male member

This is all a part of my imagination and it is my first book. Hope you enjoy. :)

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