Why Did You Save Me.....?

Why Did You Save Me.....?

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Over and over he told himself, "it was never supposed to happen that way, I'm supposed to eat alone, live alone, starve alone, cry alone, DIE alone!!"

So he wondered to himself,
Why did it happen anyway?
Why did faith twist his path?
Why did its eyes finally see the terrified little boy Tommy had been all along?

This is SBI Royal AU
In this story one day on a night like no other, casualties emerged from the darkness, sending Tommy down a spiraling train of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. He was left to fend for himself, deemed an outcast, a troublemaker, and a worthless piece of absolute bullshit. He began to shut everyone out and refused to open his heart up. For him, the reality of life had already hit him. He was born to die. For a young boy like him, accepting that cruel fate was impossible.
So what happens when the life of the royal family finds it way into his own? What will become of Tommy? Will he be able to unlock his fragile, loving heart once more? Or will he decide that it's too late to go back?

I DO NOT OWN the fan art featured in this story! Those belong to their rightful owners! I also do not own the characters those belong to their rightful owners!

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This is guy smut so uh yeah also they don't share the same dad nor mom if that makes sense if you don't understand idgaf b smarter dumbass .
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