What They've Done To Us

What They've Done To Us

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sequel to aeou (read first)

✘ ✘ ✘

The boys are back. And they're out for revenge.

Last semester the girls of Sterling humiliated Caleb, Luca, Atlas and Sage. Exposing family secrets, dirty confessions and everything else taboo that led to their exposé's in the media.

This time round the boys are about to show just why they're not to be messed with. Just why they've been marked as the heartbreakers.

Newcomer Saamiya Daler is equal parts intrigued and open to help the boys get revenge.

After all there at her school, on her territory, clueless. She knows the ins and outs of the boarding school Whitlock Prepatory. She knows the score. She's everything these boys need.

The stakes are high but tension is higher.


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Not going to be able write and post for a while. I have managed to contract covid 19 and am super sick. Be at least two weeks before I am able to try to post anything.

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