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Category: Mystery
Dive into the heart of Crestwood, where shadows whisper and the line between life and death is as thin as a gravestone's edge. "What Lies Beneath the Gravestone" is not just a story-it's a journey into a world where the past is never truly buried, and every step could be your last.

Join Jamie Thompson, a teenager whose brush with the supernatural at a cemetery catapults him into a labyrinth of dark secrets and spectral dangers. With the help of Evelyn, a guardian whose knowledge of the graveyard's curse is as mysterious as her sudden appearance, Jamie must unravel a tangle of otherworldly mysteries to save himself and his town from the grip of the grave.

As the whispers of the dead grow louder, and the threats of the living become more dangerous, Jamie's quest for answers will lead him into the arms of unseen forces, and to the very brink of the abyss. Will he emerge unscathed, or will he be the next to succumb to the curse that lies beneath the gravestone?

Prepare for a tale where every heartbeat is a countdown, every shadow hides a secret, and every page turn is a dance with destiny. This is more than a book-it's an experience that will chill your spine, warm your heart, and leave you breathless until the very end. Are you ready to uncover what lies beneath?

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Sinfully Delicious

Ferya, a human baker in post-apocalyptic Earth, is pulled into a game of universal consequences when she agrees to a deal with Lucifer. Welcome to a post-apocalyptic Earth, reclaimed by a shaky peace between Lucifer and the angelic Council of Twelve. Where they once ruled and consumed the world unchecked, humanity has now been relegated to second class citizenship, when they aren't acting as food supply for the kin. In a world that contains demons, vampires, fae, and all other creatures that go bump in the night, Ferya is a human who bakes the meanest treats in town.When Lucifer offers her a deal that most people would not refuse, Ferya changes the game on the fallen one. Ferya's choice unknowingly starts a chain of events that changes her life and the fate of the universe beyond the machinations of the prince of darkness himself. In an eternal battle between light and dark, can a sweet treat and a cup of Joe make a difference? Book One of the Devil's Deal Trilogy. Sinfully Delicious is a Wattpad Editor's Choice Featured book! (Dec 2019)Trigger Warning: Violence, Blood and Language. *** Note: The primary genre of this story is not romance, but there are romance elements into it. I believe in equal representation and inclusion, which means there will be a variety of relationships in this series. Each relationship will develop differently, as in real life. But there is no Explicit content in this story. ***This story is now available on YONDER, your next-generation reading app from the Wattpad family.Join me on YONDER today! Find it now in your app store. - Search " Devil's Deal " to find the whole series!
Fraternizing with the Enemy

(alternatively called: slow burn, second-hand embarrassment, and shenanigans) A girl made up of short fuses, clumsy feet and copious amounts of sarcasm has to team up with her irritatingly obnoxious neighbour in the name of love (also known as raging teenage hormones). Because in the grand scheme of things, what's a little deal with the devil? (Spoiler Alert: absolute chaos.) cover by xdemonsflowerx

She is walking in the dark corridors which are barely lit, the only source of light is the torch light in her hand.As she is walking she heard someone calling her " Piyali...."she halted in her tracks and turned back, she find the voice familiar but can't decipher where she heard, the voice is so sweet to her..." Piyali"... the voice again called this time she decided to check.she walked towards the voice direction " who's is there?" Her voice echoed but no reply came, so she neared the spot from where the voice is heard, which is more darker than the corridor, even her torch is falling short in the darkness there, she is trying to adjust her eyes, squinting her eyes she asked again " who's is that?" She expected a reply but she was pulled into a hug.As a girl she is trying to defend herself but the hug is so strong she is unable to even move.she can hear that manly voice kept saying something to her, but she is unable to understand.Those hands now cupped her face, while she tried to see who it is, but she felt kisses on her neck traveling towards her face,she resisted and shouted " no...leave me...no" Hearing that the hands left her face immediately, and the manly voice sounded concern, but escaping from the grip, she started to run from there in the darkness.she is not in the right state of mind she just kept running and running until she bumped into someone.Find more in the story.....
𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐎𝐖 𝐄𝐋𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓 → jjk x m! reader

❛ 𝗜𝗡 𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗥𝗬 𝗜𝗡𝗙𝗜𝗡𝗜𝗧𝗘, 𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗥𝗘 𝗪𝗜𝗟𝗟 𝗔𝗟𝗪𝗔𝗬𝗦 𝗕𝗘 𝗔 𝗙𝗜𝗡𝗜𝗧𝗘 𝗦𝗘𝗔𝗠 ❜ From the eyes of an outsider, born with the thought-to-be-lost inherited technique should have propelled him to be the clan's savior. Yet in his family's eyes, he is viewed as nothing more than a mere puppet. Such a destiny is beneath him, of course, and he is determined to do whatever it takes to change it. ## jujutsu kaisen x m! sorcerer reader characters belong to gege akutami cover art: @xox_rom on twitter 260723
trash's life: tcf react

"I'm not a god damn saint!! hyung help me!!!" Cale ranted to alberu who was laying down.Suddenly they were teleported to a cinema room with a weird assistant goddess?this is a reaction fic, if you want read it.however i will warn you this is my first fanfic so everything isn't too thought out. Ofcourse i'll learn as i go but it's mostly just fluff, interactions and crack? if that explains it. So i will say if your looking for really good connective thought out story and an amazing reaction, there are plenty of fanfics just like that!Thank youA/N (from a very very lazy person with no schedule, don't mind me, sorry i update slow!)trash of the counts family is by yu ryeo han, this is a fanfic as you know :) The TCF chapters are taken from Eat apple pies.com.Enjoy!
Dressed as the Wealthy Stepmother of the Baby Male Protagonist [MTL]

UNEDITED MTLTitle: 穿成男主崽崽的豪门后妈Author: 一籽亭Wen Yuduo's eyes closed and opened, and there was a little tuanzi in her arms who was humming and chirping, soft and glutinous, and had just turned half a year old.Wen Yuduo and Xiao Tuanzi looked at each other, Xiao Tuanzi cried out with a "wow", and the next second he snorted and grinned.Wen Yuduo: "...... Who are you? Who am I? Where am I!!"Wen Yuduo is bound to a baby-raising system, and the system tells her that she is now wearing a romance novel called "Blackened President, Please Let Go!" and has become the vicious stepmother of the beautiful and miserable male protagonist.The beautiful and tragic male protagonist parents died when he was born, and was passed on to his uncle, he was abused by his vicious stepmother causing him to completely blacken when he grew up.Wen Yuduo is the marriage object of the male protagonist's father who married home and furnished it, and it is also the nightmare of the male protagonist's childhood!According to the development of the plot, Wen Yuduo will be found by the male protagonist's father to abuse his stepson, kicked out of the house by him, taken revenge by him, sent to a mental hospital by him, and then died alone in a mental hospital......Wen Yuduo: (ノДT)Baby-raising system: "Take care of the baby! As long as you raise the child yourself, you will get a breakup fee that the male protagonist's father gives you in the near future, and you will never spend it all in your life! From now on, the sky is high and the birds will fly, and you will live a happy life of freedom and money!"

samo za moju dušu, pa ko voli, nek' izvoli

-A Poppy Playtime AU Self Insert-Y/N's mother had worked at Playtime Co. many years ago. She had inevitably quit to spend more time with her remaining family and take care of her newly adopted child. Y/N was born during that time, too. But one day, his mother receives a letter from her old workplace. Without a person to give her son to to take care of while she's gone investigating, Y/N goes with his mother into the factory, unknowing of what awaits him from his mother's horrid past.

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I was just scrolling through the comments on a only vocals Welcome to the black parade (THE INVISIBLE G NOTE STILL GOT ME) and saw this comment (Its below.) and I got a writing idea. The comment: I can imagine Gee just sitting on a vacant stage all alone with no audience, singing this and crying because he misses the band and realizes what a big impact it all made on his life, and how he just wants it to all come back. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0F_r6oM3Mc Tbh he sounds so vulnerable and sad like he wants to cry. Art is not mine Gerard is not mine (I wish though xD) Enjoy!

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Whispering Ocean {# PlanetOrPlastic}

Other than human, there are other living things such as plants, animals and aquatics. They also breathe like us, feeling hungry and thirsty like us. But one thing they couldn't do like us, most of them. They couldn't speak with our languages, so, we couldn't know what their thoughts are.This is a story about living aquatic animals who were having peace, nothing to worry about what will come in their life. However, the outside world turned out to be cruel to them. A second entry for the #PlanetOrPlastic writing contest from National GeographicWords count: 492

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Inuyasha's Sister Riko 2017-2018 (REWRITING)

Long ago a powerful dog demon Inu no Taishō fell in love with a human. They had children together, twins to be exact Inuyasha and Riko. A month after they were born an evil powerful demon with no name tried to take the female child, Riko. Inu no Taishō protected her but the demon deceived him and ran with the child. Taishō ran after them to take his beloved daughter back, they both fought long and hard. Taishō made the killing blow to the demon but not before dropping the child down a well, causing Taishō to lose Riko forever. After jumping down into the well he realized his precious daughter was gone, and he couldn't get her back..Riko grew up with the Higurashi family after they found her crying in the well. Even though she had ears and sharp claws as well as full head of hair despite being a new born they took her in. One day after school her and Kagome are taken by Ms. Centipede down the well and find them selves in the fuedal era. Read to find out about Riko's adventures in the fuedal era with her sister.

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Oliver Sykes Imagines

Just a book of short stories about Oli.❤written by your one and only, me!

27.9K 29 535
WMMAP (Variousxoc) Discontinued

What could go wrong with being reborn in who made me a princess manga?Well, I was reborn in Claude's younger times as his younger sister.I was born with powerful magic not to mention beauty but I was too dense back then.4 beautiful princess who was sent as brides to non-other then the tyrant king were blinded by rage because of the humiliation he had brought upon them.They had planned a ritual to curse him and so 2 of them led him to a private room while the other two were set up the ritual.But the ritual backfired because the four princesses were still in the circle and the king knew of the scheme so he put a magic spell upon the 4 princesses.The king's spell put the 4 princesses into one body and they looked like a goddess.The king abused them while he deflowered them and their wails and crying were all that could be heard from inside the room.Soon the women with the four princesses were inside her was given the name Cordelia.Her beauty was above the goddess's and her intelligence and strength were powerful and her kindness and warmth were like fresh blossoms.If it wasn't for the fact her husband is the tyrant king who is selfish and very cruel and the fact she is traumatized and broken because of her 'husband' who tortured her.Every maid and people who worked at the palace or knew her condition pitied her and were fully in love with her personality and skills.The concubines were driven in jealousy and schemed towards her but all the attempts were failures.Cordelia one day became pregnant and was happy because her child can be her only true happiness in this hellish world.When Cordelia gave birth to her child it was a beautiful baby girl with blue jewel eyes, she named her Amarantham...

5.8K 4 242
Andi Mack Fan Fiction 21 -The Perfect Gift-

Christmas is right around the corner and TJ and Cyrus have to find a great gift for each other.

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Маршрут 72

Альфа должен быть мужественен, упрям, омега.....собственно, все уже это знают. Мы к этому привыкли. Но что если они сломлены природой, обществом, или же их сломила природа из-за общества?Если они не попадают в эти рамки? Люди решили, что пары, которых осталось не так уж много должны быть именно такими. Но из-за этого они и страдают, но....ведь это всего лишь мнение общества. Не так ли?

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Knock Him Off His Feet

His finger lightly touches the bottom of my chin, and he pushes my face upwards so that I'm looking into his eyes. Eyes that are solely on my lips.I can't help it. I bite them."Oh, Delta," he whispers, quietly giggling under his breath. His laugh makes my heart beat faster. So fast, I can hear it pounding in my ears and rattling my bones. "I want to bite those lips of yours... so badly."~Xavier is a brawler. It's an absolute shame really, because Delta hates violence. She hates Xavier too.Or at least she thinks she does. But one lip bite and one hungry kiss might just be enough to flip her entire world upside down. And then all at once, desire comes crashing down on her like a tidal wave. ~Start: October 5th 2017End: July 7th 2018WARNING: I wrote this book before I realized how typical and cliché character stereotypes were, so I apologize deeply if you cringe while reading this, but thank you boatloads if you do decide to anyways. Love you lots!

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The Goddess Within (Diabolik Lovers X Vampire Knight Crossover FanFiction)

Is it really Kuran Juruka or Sakamaki Juruna..."I wouldn't give up on you. I'll still fight for what's rightfully mine. You're mine only, Juruka."A story of romance, thriller, blood lust, and maturity will find it's way to make it much more expressing.. A/N: Not all of the characters are mine... all rights reserved to their respective owners...

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Fanfiction : Parmi eux [EdVy]

Après avoir été le seul survivant a une attaque d'une « créature », un jeune homme se renferme dans la solitude, jusqu'à temps que quelqu'un essaye par tout les moyens de le rendre heureux.Encore une Fan-fiction qui date de plusieurs années, de 2013 donc il risque d'avoir pas mal de défaut et d'incohérence et je m'en excuse. Encore une fois j'ai la flemme de la réécrire correctement, m'en voulais pas. Vous pouvez aussi trouvé l'intégralité de cette histoire sur FanFic-Fr

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