WCKD 57 → Newt [1]

WCKD 57 → Newt [1]

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[The Maze Runner fanfiction]

❝WCKD is good.❞

Vera has always been loyal to WCKD. I mean, why wouldn't she? They saved her from the Flare and said that she wouldn't have to live in constant fear anymore. But an encounter with a certain Group A member leaves her wondering who's right and who's wrong. Is it WCKD, who gave her hope for a cure? Or is it Newt, who brought her back to reality?

Start Date → 2|22|18
End Date → 5|29|18

Thank you for reading!

Copyright ©innocentteresa 2018

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Name: I became a flashing genius at the magic academy Korean Title: 마법학교 앞점멸 천재가 되었다Raw Link: https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=56561961Translator: WandererEditor: N/ARelease Rate: N/AStatus: DROPPEDSynopsis :Extreme difficulty, worst performance.Baek Yu-Seol was the most trash character in history because he couldn't use magic in a world where everyone could use magic.However...[Due to the wrong ending, 90% of Aether's world has been destroyed.][Please, reach the true ending.]Why did I possess this character?[You can use the skill 'Flash Forward'.]The only magic skill is given to me - blinking.Survive in Stella Academy where many genius wizards attend!I became the fastest wizard in the world.
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DISCLAIMER: All credits to the original author:吱吱是个小肥鼠. None of these characters or plots are ours. FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY!Text for this article:  Interview: How does it feel to die suddenly?  Xu Yanqing: You don't need to ask, the question is that I have already passed through the book. The identity cannon fodder background board, the emperor slept on the day of the book, and now on the way to run with the ball, I heard that this person in the stomach is the villain prince who will only be robbed in the future, and the rest will return.  *  Xu Yanqing, who stayed up all night to read the passionate comments on the text, angrily took five exam papers and passed away at an early age. In this life, he just wanted to be paralyzed by salted fish.jpg  Unfortunately, he was drugged on the day of reading the book. Xu Yanqing slept beautifully. The Taoist priest, the Taoist priest's face is really good-looking, and it is the temperament of the immortal style that makes people want to pay homage.  The second day after sleeping with the Taoist priest, Xu Yanqing patted his butt and hurriedly slipped away. But the tricky thing is why his belly is getting bigger every day...  *  Civil and military people of all dynasties know that their Majesty is a pure-hearted Taoist priest, but I don't know when His Majesty's side has a delicate appearance but a lazy personality The young man, and I don't know when their Majesty was holding a baby in his arms!  Shocked.jpg, troubled by the ministers.  His Majesty is also troubled, and the little prince is also troubled.  "Father, when can Daddy play with me?"  "When he wakes up, he can play with you."  "But, when will Daddy wake up!"  The little prince sighed, and so did His Majesty, the father and son two Looking at someone who was sleeping soundly on the bed, his eyes were full of resentment.  Xu Yanqing: It's impossible to wake up, and it's imposs

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A former slave trying to navigate his way through life, a myschievious Prince who doesn't believe in rules, a care-free commoner girl who's struggling to live. Kerian craved for freedom, but after realizing the hard way it was beyong his reach, he stopped believing in freedom and bent to the will of the Fates. Just when everything looked as though it was over for him, he was saved by a boy with defiant blue eyes and a smile that made Kerian feel things he never felt before. He swore then and there he would follow this boy no matter what it took, but feel nothing else other than loyalty. When he was struggling to keep his feelings in check, he met a cheerful maid named Violet, when she was happy, so was he, confusing Kerian even more than ever before. In the end who did his heart belong to?When Silas was 13 and he wanted to prove himself to his father, he decided he would go with the Imperial knights on the mission to save children his age and younger, being treated as slaves. That day he met a slave boy that drew his gaze like no other. An undeniable attraction he couldn't put his finger on. He took the boy with him, to sort out his emotions, only for the years to pass by and it only got worse. Silas ignored it until he saw the boy with another girl. Smiling in a way he didn't know the other was capable of. New mission: Make Kerian fall in love with him.Violet struggled to make a living just enough for herself, her younger sister, and frail mother, so when she saw the fliers for a maid position in the imperial palace, she took it. There, she bumped into an infuriating boy who treated rules as though it was religion. With her circumstances, Violet has learned to be grateful for even the smallest things and opptimism was the only thing keeping her from falling apart from the pressure, but when she was with the boy, she forgets everything and allows her emotions to take control. Was the blood boiling under her skin from hate or something else?

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