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A 'Step by step'-guide on how to get the most out of Wattpad.

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Forbidden Connection

"I am not just a robot. I am as equal to any of you. I can transform into a vehicle. I can function without a remote. I know who to listen to. I came here for a reason. And I have energon running through me. I am just as good as any other Cybertronian."

Dear Emmett

When most people look back on their lives, they see that one defining event. The moment that changes everything. And my moment was him.
Overprotective Mafia Brothers [ BTS FF]

The story is about the little girl who has 7 older brothers, honestly, 7 overprotective brothers!!It's a series by the way!!! 😂💜my first fanfic, I hope you will like it💜#Btsff #btsimagine #Btsfanfics #Bts #btsarmyI didn't owe any music, pictures or videos, only story is mine, thank you
Suryaputra Karna

As most of you write books on Karna. This is not really a story writing. There are some cut and paste of few information since it has to be accurate.This story is not just a story,but also highly accurate!It's a true written profile about karna. It's just a brief introduction and basic information about the Mahabharata warrior- the unsung hero of Mahabharata : SURYAPUTRA KARNA.

(COMPLETED | UNDER EDITING) Fresh out of college, Veronica Odair is hired as a forensic scientist at the infamous B.E.A.R. Laboratories. She is put to work on the classified Tekula Project, but certain events lead her to question her job. What is so dangerous about Level 5? Why do her tests come back increasingly strange? What secrets are B.E.A.R. Laboratories hiding? Veronica plans to find out.▪▪▪Brown eyes, nearly obscured by rich locks of dark hair, stare into my light green ones with an intensity which nearly causes my knees to wobble. I can hear nothing but the thudding of my heart beating wildly in my chest, the sounds of the sirens turning into white noise at the back of my mind.I back up until my spine connects with the elevator doors. I shiver as my bare arms come in contact with the cool metal. "Someone help me, please," I beg.The man stalks closer still. His eyes are fixed solely on me, unmoving, intense. His fists are clutched tightly against his sides, as though restraining himself in some way. Restraining himself from what, I don't want to know.The man stops only an arm's length away from me. I stare up at him with wide eyes, my lips parted in fear. I stand frozen, unable to move. I shut my eyes, turning my head away.Laboured breathing, the touch of fingertips on my bare shoulder, breath on my lips. A heavy, deep inhale. Slow exhale. A forehead against mine, shaky hands cupping the back of my neck, fingertips sliding into my red locks.My eyes open to meet the warmest pair of honey eyes.Cover by AnnaCharles16#4 in ROMANCE? THE HECK?#2 in Werewolf#1 in Young Adult#1 in Lycanthrope
[Cảm hứng lịch sử] QUAN QUẢ CÔ ĐỘC

▪️ Thể loại: Kỳ ảo, Cảm hứng lịch sử Việt Nam, Ẩm thực▪️ Bối cảnh: Trần - Hồ - thuộc Minh - Lê Sơ▪️ Giới thiệu:Mấy mươi năm đất nước loạn ly, chia cắt?Ai làm lã chã châu sa, cho vợ mất chồng, cho tùng quân bật khóc?Ai làm cho trẻ bơ vơ, cho già tức tưởi?Ai làm phù sa đỏ máu, cho áo vải ướt hận căm?Giọt tương rơi xuống, Đại Việt đứng lên.*Truyện về con hồ ly béo bị nuôi nhầm trong đàn chó săn của Nguyễn Xí.▪️ Đặc biệt cảm ơn:- Người truyền cảm hứng và hỗ trợ Mật trong chặng đường viết về ẩm thực:Anh Nguyễn Thường Quân - Chủ tịch Hiệp hội Dạy nghề và Việc làm Đầu bếp Việt Nam.Anh Nguyễn Văn Thái - Tổng bếp trưởng, MICHELIN Guide 2023- Bạn Lê Quý Hiển tư vấn các chi tiết chính trị, lịch sử.- Em Lê Thành Chung hỗ trợ các chi tiết logic.▪️ Lưu ý: Truyện lấy cảm hứng từ lịch sử và các nhân vật, sự kiện có thật tuy nhiên các tình tiết trong truyện đều là hư cấu, vui lòng không đánh đồng với chính sử, truyện KHÔNG có giá trị tham khảo về mặt lịch sử.(*Giọt tương: Giọt nước mắt)

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Businessman Sana Satish Babu

Sana Satish ( Sana Sathish ) is an Indian businessman. Sana Satish is a director of several companies like Rasama Estates LLP, Goldcoast Properties Private Limited, Matrix Natural Resources Private Limited, East Godavari Breweries Private Limited.

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*Year 1*Riverdale/Harry Potter CrossoverLynn Jones, daughter of Muggle FP Jones, and little sister to Muggle Jughead Jones. Turning eleven she finds out she's a witch and is determined to find her place in this new found world.A Muggle-born she already has enemies, but she also has friends with Hermione, Ron, and the famous Harry Potter. What happens when her skills of being a Southside Serpent combine with magic?First book: Lynn Jones, The Witch "This One"Second book: Lynn Jones, The Witch Year 2Third book: Lynn Jones, The Witch (Year 3)Fourth-Eight book: "Planning/Future"

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Celebrity Crush | TommyInnit

Salem Krause is one of the most famous teenagers. Being put in the spotlight pretty much as soon as she was born, although her father had tried to keep her out of the spotlight, it didn't really do anything. TommyInnit is a famous influencer who rose to fame from playing Minecraft and he may or may not have a crush on Salem Krause.What happens when the two are introduced?

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death grips x joeysworldtour x robbie rotten

the ultimate fan fiC2023 note:What the fuck did i write back then!?!

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"Not in front of my tea."Guess which simp created a new book.Yes me, Manyee.DISCLAIMER:SOME QUOTES FROM PINTEREST, GOOGLE, REDDIT, ANY OTHER WEBSITES AND SOME OF MY CRACKHEADS FRIENDS, MY DAD OR MAYBE JUST ME. ALL IN ALL, BABY BOI, BOBOIBOY IS RIGHTFULLY OWNED BY MONSTA. NOW YEET IN AND DROP A VOTE THANK YOU, LOVE YOU.yours truly,amansimpyeet (manyee.)+cover by me. Illustration rightfully owned by @ariieya_senpie

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Witch Bitch

Mara Crown is about as rebellious as they come. She is known as "Bloody Mary" at school because of her unorthodox behavior. On her 18th birthday, Mara starts to gain magical powers from out of nowhere. Not knowing who to turn to, she unexpectedly turns to the school outcast for help, Delilah Avery. Together they must learn how to help Mara control her powers and seek anyone else who is suffering the same fate as Mara.

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3 Ninjas Kick Back (Part 3)

Decided to change her model since her character is getting older changed it to Margaret Qualley instead of Julia Butters Younger model: Julia butters Older model: Margaret Qualley 3rd book! Her new name is Zoey and BlazeHope you all enjoy this series can't believe how many people actually view this. I grew up watching 3 ninjas it's what actually inspired me to do karate and I got back into it. All credits to owner besides my character and lines!

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Metal head memes/ struggles

A bunch of memes ONLY METALHEADS can relate to! Please enjoy!!!!!!!

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His - Eric Coulter

Roxanna and Eric lived in Erudite together their entire lives. They were best friends and inseperable until Eric chose to leave without telling her. Two years later at her ceremony, she chooses for herself. What happens when she sees him again? Will she push him away? Or will their friendship start anew?-Only certain characters are mine, if you've seen them in the movie or read them in the book they are not mine.**Mild Swearing in the book, I will but a warning if there is a lot**

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𝗠𝗨𝗧𝗘𝗗; twice x fem!reader

Unable to speak yet thoroughly powerful, silent but deadly, they named. Could wipe the entire world by her powers thus far she doesn't know a thing about it. Her memories erased, finding herself in a bus full of teenagers, a bunch of strangers, perhaps. She doesn't know why she's here, she just woke up confused and lost in the world she is in."Y/N, are you okay?"...the book itself sucked so endure the pain when reading this

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