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The story of two bestfriends who married to eachother without any feelings in romantic way...or by force. They agreed to eachother that once we get our true love we will separate from eachother. We can't love eachother in romantic way. What will happen if they caught in the Eros play of love game?

It's a imagination about taekook, this story will contain grammatical mistakes, and trigger warning - foetus writting.

Started: Jan 4 2024

Ended :

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Guess That Is How I Know You

A deeply moving love story that will throw you into an emotional roller-coaster of learning the diverse facades of love. "Her presence took hold of every single person inside that room, that kind of power over people was inebriating. She reminded me of a fox looking right at its prey and still, even though the prey knows the intentions of the fox, it cannot help but stop and admire the beauty of the predator until it becomes too late to flee."Remi is a law student and even though she is young and sometimes naïve, she is by no means the kind to play with. Introverted, confused, intelligent beyond her age yet unapplied, she is an inconsistency between trying to be the best she can be and not knowing whether she is making the right choices for herself. Follow Remi as she attempts to navigate unpaved roads: a complicated and tangled connection, the intricacies on stablishing a worthy career, the conciliation of her feelings with her professional priorities, the world of new experiences, and a rocky love story. When all one seeks is that perfect moment, on that perfect spot, with the right person to feel things are finally falling into place. But Remi cannot stand being on the fringes of someone else's life forever. In order to salvage everything, a new perspective is needed to safeguard her heart and shine a light on a complicate relationship.--------If you are reading this book in any other platform other than Wattpad, you are risking both your device and personal data of virtual attacks such as malware or virus. If you wish to view this story in its original free and safe format, I invite you to access it through this link: https://www.wattpad.com/user/CristalCysne
I changed the fate of the NPC in the apocalypse

The short Qiu Jiujiu's wish is to find a handsome guy with broad shoulders, narrow waist, long legs and a passionate love affair, and change the genes of her offspring; who would have thought that everything would come true after she traveled through the book. Before learning that she traveled through the book, Qiu Jiujiu was an NPC who gave the heroine a golden finger...Protagonist: Qiu Jiujiu, Yan Chen╭┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈◦┊ ☣ Title : 穿书末世,我改变了NPC命运┊ 𐐪 Author: 納蘭輕舞┊ꨄ︎ Category: Romance novels┊꩜ Chapters: 286╰┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈◦ Not mine ✿ For offline reading ✿ MTL
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This title was at one time listed on the Indx Librorum Prohibitorum (List of Prohibited Books) in Rome. "Paradise Lost is an epic poem by the 17th-century English poet John Milton. The poem concerns the Christian story of the Fall of Man: the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden."

-A Poppy Playtime AU Self Insert-Y/N's mother had worked at Playtime Co. many years ago. She had inevitably quit to spend more time with her remaining family and take care of her newly adopted child. Y/N was born during that time, too. But one day, his mother receives a letter from her old workplace. Without a person to give her son to to take care of while she's gone investigating, Y/N goes with his mother into the factory, unknowing of what awaits him from his mother's horrid past.
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Luna Aspen worked hard and did all she could to be the best luna to her mate, the notorious Alpha Bode. But she is left devastated when he not only cheats on her but replaces her with a new luna, publicly denouncing her. But when a terrifying evil presents itself, setting out to kill her and their children, she finds him at her doorstep, to her rescue. But can she forgive and forget especially when he not only broke her heart but their children's as well? Can she get over the fact that he'd found her unworthy and tore their home apart? Could she ever choose him again?
[MTL, BL] Pretend Little Cowardly Bag [Quick Wear]

Pretend Little Cowardly Bag [Quick Wear]《偽裝小慫包[快穿]》Author:宴不知Status:128 Chapters (Completed)Description:Lin Xiuyuan has been a ghost for nearly a hundred years. He is conscientious and scary, and his professionalism is excellent. He has become the leader of the horror world. He has a haunted house, a cemetery, a mortuary... There are his fans and sisters everywhere, all day long with their hands in their pockets. Chin go.Suddenly, once he got the chance to be reincarnated, he had to penetrate into various spiritual worlds to play the role of cannon fodder.Lin Xiuyuan: O_O?The professional turned into a scum in the first second. In order to play the role of the little coward, he set his eyes on the stern man who was afraid of ghosts in private.Afterwards, they happily wore them together- but in a gloomy haunted house.The expressionless man put his arms around Lin Xiuyuan, who was screaming while squeezing his throat, and kicked a fierce and resentful ghost: "Go away."Lin Xiuyuan, who had all the books in his heart, said: "???"How did he know that Qi Jue was born to rule ghosts, but he was the only one who was afraid of him...NOTE:➸ Machine Translated (NOT EDITED)➸ Poor Quality Translation➸ For Offline Purposes
I finally found my Soul Mate

As I got closer to the house I saw the silhouette of someone. As I got closer he looked up at me and said mate. I was confused at first but then as I started to recognize him I could not believe who it was. Jake was my mate? How could this be? So many questions started in my head when he suddenly said, "I Jake Blackwood future alpha of blue crest 5/31/2022 #911 in Luna-----------------------6/2/2022 #51 in new love6/2/2022 #496 in rejection 6/2/2022 #94 in alpha king 6/2/2022 #19 in Luna queen-------------------------6/3/2022 #47 in new love 6/3/2022 #425 in rejection 6/3/2022 #298 in bxg6/3/2022 #345 in rejected6/3/2022 #96 in alpha king 6/3/2022 #16 in queen Luna---------------------6/4/2022 #43 in new love6/4/2022 # 411 in rejection 6/4/2022 #272 in bxg6/4/2022 #331 in rejected 6/4/2022 #94 alpha king 6/4/2022 #15 Luna queen--------------6/5/2022 #39 in new love 6/5/2022 # 420 in rejection 6/5/2022 #257 in bxg6/5/2022 # 326 in rejected 6/5/2022 #13 in Luna queen 6/5/2022 #96 in alpha king-------6/6/2022 #42 in new love 6/6/2022 #425 in rejection 6/6/2022 #248 In bxg 6/6/2022 # 344 in rejected6/6/2022 #14 Luna queen 6/6/2022 #101 alpha king --------------7/31/2022 #3 in new love7/31/2022 #355 in bxg7/31/2022 #139 in alpha king 7/31/2022 #28 in Luna queen---------8/3/2022 #2 in new love8/3/2022 #445 in bxg 8/3/2022 #22 in luna queen8/3/2022 #138 in alpha king
[MTL, BL] God's Love Game [Unlimited]

God's Love Game [Unlimited]神明的恋爱游戏[无限]Author:木鱼歌Status:112 Chapters (Completed)Description:Before dying, the blind beauty Xiangnu accidentally entered an infinite escape world.He thought he had escaped death, but never thought that because of his blindness, the first world was regarded as a consumable cannon fodder, and was stuffed into the world of the god of death, where the clearance rate was almost zero.In order to survive and restore the light, Xiangnu decided to sell the color and fight, and entangled the most powerful boss in this game in his intuition.The boss is also very powerful, and he took the slave god to block the killing of the gods and Buddhas, and cleared the legendary world of death.After clearing the customs, the first thing Xiangnu did was to change his eyes with rich rewards, so that he could see again.After that, he opened the task panel and prepared to review the first world to accumulate experience for his future tasks.But I found out... in the task list, he was the only clearer in that world.And on his task panel, the unspeakable contact named with three red exclamation marks is still sending him a message:"Baby, I'm right outside your door, open the door for me."Xiangnu : ...If he is the only survivor in the mission, the boss who took him through the customs and the red exclamation mark outside waiting for him to open the door... what the hell are they? Dungeon ghosts: π_π he is the god of death! He is the number one male god in our thousands of worlds! The hot chicken player is shameless, if he can't beat the male god, he will be beauties and seduce, you quickly return our male god ah WuwuwuNOTE:➸ Machine Translated (NOT EDITED)➸ Poor Quality Translation➸ For Offline Purposes➸ Slow Updates

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