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Useless facts you didn't need to know!

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The Alpha's Trap

Warning: Feels, Violence and sexual contentAdvised Age: 15 +Maisie Ashford is thankful that her older brother is becoming Alpha. She'd rather not have the responsibilities of having to care for her pack with all the duties of being Luna. She enjoys her life... She has a crush, a best friend, a loving family... what else do you need?Enter Alpha Asher ... the Alpha of her rival pack, the dominant Alpha who twists her life around. Once he sets his eyes on Maisie, he knows she belongs to him.Maisie doesn't believe in destined mates, so she wants to prove to everyone she doesn't need to be with Asher just because their wolves says so.When the Alpha hears this, he realizes it's time to play his little game called 'The Alpha's trap.'

هناك ..من بين الظلام كنت استطيع رؤيته!عيناه الحمراء المخيفه تلمعان بشكل غير بشري..انه قادم..لكي يحقق عدالته المزعومه!!
horny thoughts

if u dont like smut skip
ချစ်ယောမြေမှ မောင့်အမောပြေ (ခ်စ္ေယာေျမမွ ေမာင့္အေမာေျပ )

"မောင့်ဝေဟင် အကြည်ပန်းမနွမ်းရွာကပန်းတွေဘာလို့မနွမ်းလဲသိလား""ပန်းတွေပေါလို့မလား""ဟင့်အင်း..မောင့်ဝေဟင်ရှိနေလို့ပါ"(မောင့်ကိုချစ်ခင်ပါ မြတ်နိုးပါ မေတ္တာရှိပါလေ...မောင့်ကိုပဲ ချစ်ခင်ပါ မြတ်နိုးပါ သစ္စာရှိပါလေ) Myanmar Oc
The rightful Luna

*'I-I am sorry your highness I touched ...!' She was trying to apologize, but she fell silent as she could not utter with her mouth that she accidentally touched his lips.'But I am not sorry!' He said calmly looking straight at her. What was she supposed to say after hearing his words?'I did not mean to touch your highness's ...' she said with great difficulty.'That was not a touch.' He said not permitting her to brush it off as an accident, even though it clearly was.'It was a kiss.' He said with a hoarse determined voice.She widened her eyes, as her face flushed even more than it did when she realized what she had done. He dared to say the word she avoided.'That was not! I...' she tried to refute. 'What is a kiss Celia?' She could not answer. How could she say the definition of a kiss with her own mouth, it would only confirm his words.*'It was an accident. I am truly sorry, I did not mean any discourtesy towards your highness. If I can make up for my error somehow?' She quickly said. She did not know of his personal life, as he had a tight security around him and nobody knew much of the king outside official visits and business. He must have felt insulted.'Please don't call it an accident. For a first kiss of a person to be called an accident ...' He said again with a dejected tone, but did not continue. It was like he had already gotten his point across.'Ahhh. I am so sorry! It really was an ...' She wanted to say accident but, because of his pleading she could not actually say it. To have committed the blame of taking the king's first kiss and then not acknowledging it, how would he think of her?At this point she did not even realize that their roles had reversed, or that it was her first kiss also.PS: If you like loyal mates... then please proceed further :D
Dear my foreigner husband (ချစ်ရပါသောပင်လယ်ရောင်မျက်လုံးပိုင်ရှင်လေး)

ခင်ကလျာခိုင်ဆိုတဲ့ကောင်မလေးဟာ သူ့အဘိုးယူထားတဲ့အကြွေးတွေကြောင့် မိဘတွေက သူ့ကို အကြွေးဆပ်တဲ့ပစ္စည်းအနေနဲ့သူအရမ်းမုန်းရတဲ့နိုင်ငံခြားသားနဲ့လက်ထပ်ခဲ့ရပါတယ် သူ့မှာလည်းချစ်ရတဲ့ချစ်သူကဆင်းရဲတာကြောင့် အဲ့ဒီနိုင်ငံခြားသားရဲ့ပိုက်ဆံတွေကိုအမြဲတမ်းခိုးပေးနေခဲ့တယ် အဲ့ဒီနိုင်ငံခြားသားကိုမုန်းလွန်းတာကြောင့် သူ့အသားမပြောနဲ့ သူ့မျက်နှာမြင်ရင်တောင်အမြဲတမ်းသောင်းကြမ်းပြီး သူမဘဝကိုဖျက်စီးသူ အဖြစ်သတ်မှတ်ထားခဲ့တယ်သူမချစ်သူဟာလည်း သူမယောင်္ကျားကိုသတ်ပြစ်ဖို့အမြဲတမ်းပြောနေခဲ့ပြီး တစ်နေ့သူမဒေါသနဲ့အမုန်းတရားတွေမွှန်ထူလာတဲ့အခါ သူ့ယောင်္ကျားကိုသတ်ပစ်ခဲ့တယ် နောက်ဆုံးသူမထွက်ပြေးလာပြီးသူ့ချစ်သူစီကိုလာတဲ့အချိန်မှာ သူ့ချစ်သူက သူ့ညီမနဲ့ဖောက်ပြန်နေတာကိုတွေ့သွားပါတယ် နောက်ဆုံးသူ့ချစ်သူရဲ့အသုံးချမှုကိုခံလ
The Matching Guys (Top)

စဝ်ခွန်သာမှိုင်း🖤 စိုင်းခွန်းသန့်နောင်Start Date[19.5.2023]End Date [16.11.2023]1 to 80 (Completed)

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- histoire éligible aux wattys 2020 Tsinna, Kariane, Kreg, Hytros, Asyma, les dix membres de l'équipage ont enfin découvert la Montagne d'Argent. Pourtant ils ne sont pas au bout de leurs peines. Le Maître aussi, avec l'aide d'Athanase, une nouvelle créature étoilée a découvert la montagne. Désormais, les seigneurs pirates devront faire équipe pour survire, mettre de côté leur haine pour la réussite de leur quête. Mais une fois dans le Monde Inconnu... que trouveront-ils ? D'autres pirates ? Y arriveront-ils tous sains et sauf ? Y a-t-il un prix à payer pour un monde où les pirates sont seigneurs ? Ils n'en auront la réponse qu'une fois là-bas.

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Ink and Error- Overgrowth

Ink and Error had clashed so many times in their goals to create, and to destroy. But, one day they stopped. Now, they've become friends, almost like brothers, living in a sort of peace, where Error would destroy worlds past saving, and Ink would patch the glitches in universes. But one day, everything changed, to shake the world as they knew it, the world they'd created together. (Cover art was drawn/colored/shaded by me)

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Ok, But why an Eyeball? (Fma:b Avengers Crossover)

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His Pretended Fianceé

Statutory warning: the humour is intended for simple entertainment, author does not intend to offend any person, character or norms of society in any way.To pretend is to act.When we pretend to act like someone, we gradually transform into a person and the outcome is not always hunky doryWho can forget the famous fable 'wolf in sheep's clothing' where the wolf fell into its own trap being slaughtered by her own protector.Or the famous swan who was an ugly duckling...But still destiny has its own way of making new stories.Sandeep -the charmerSia- the bold and beautifulWhen they meet...Its like waves crashing each otherWord fights having a bulls rideTroubles and accidents following them as magnetsHumiliating each other being their favourite past timeSandeep and Sia are two such protagonists destined to have their own story when they believe that solution to all their problems is pretending.A gap of six years between the two convinces them that their consequent wedding would be strongly opposed by their family and society on whole...Too convincing to others they failed to convince themselves that all they had was pretend.she was only his pretended fiancé.And if that was not all to bring their worlds crashing down then they had their pasts to battle with..Perhaps that was not all ..Destiny had a bitch slap ready for them exactly when they thought that things won't get any worse.And they discover themselves in a more treacherous and vicious spectacle..There is drama, thrill, action and a heavy dose of humourCheck it out for yourself what bigger melodrama can two dramatic individuals Sia and Sandeep create for themselves as the story unfolds.

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This is an AU (Alternate Universe) of classmates Dipper and Mabel.But after some time spent together and awkward moments, they realize that the are more then classmates.

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