Unexpected Love

Unexpected Love

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Julia Barron is the one and only daughter of Barron. She never liked her father, would have done anything to leave him sooner, but the day she finally gets to leave she stumbles upon a loop.

Love comes unexpectedly, but would it even last?

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"Would you keep that mouth shut, or should I just fucking fill it up instead?" Forced to Retire due to his arm injury, Kenji Sato is back to his argumentative and rude self, frustrated at the outcomes of his decision. Due to an expected meeting, at one last attempt to stay connected to baseball, he takes up Y/N's offer to train her. Little does she know what he wants in return.18+ MATURE. KEEP AWAY MINORS.#76 out of 1.49 Million Works in Fanfiction (19 Jul 2024)
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