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"I have a proposal for you." I smiled, hoping he'd take it well. "I've learned that he's been doing super nice things for me, like inviting me places, asking to hang out, you know... Well, I figured he won't really realize what he's missing until it's gone."

He got up and made his way across the room to my bed. He sat next to me, his legs dangling off the edge. "And where do I come into this?"

I awkwardly avoided eye contact with him. "Well, I figured we both needed a little push in our love lives. Me with Drew and you with Jaz." I glanced at his face to see his reaction. All he did was roll his eyes, but he didn't deny his crush. "Well..."

"Spit it out, Wilks."

"We should fake date." I gulped and watched his eyes nearly pop out of their sockets.
Arabella Wilks lived in her own world. She had a strict mindset and never saw past it. She was also used to getting what she wanted, even if she didn't realize it.

When she wanted Andrew Boyce, the school jock and her next-door neighbor, she knew she needed a plan in action. After all, she was sick of waiting for him to come around.

But what happens when the person she despises the most also has a favor to ask? A deal is made, of course.

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