Undercover Hero (3B Hero Series) Book 4

Undercover Hero (3B Hero Series) Book 4

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Category: Romance
Homicide Detective/Profiler Brittany H. Blanton and her partner Tina M. Jones have been investigating a string of serial killings for months now. Each victim bares a striking resemblance to Tany herself. When the unknown killer strikes again, (this time sooner and more brutally than before) fearing for her identical twin sister, Carlyn. Tany calls in her teen crush and family friend.

FBI Agent Gabriel Ivanov is the Team Leader of an underground agency of cops and military personnel known only as Strike. When a job needs done (within the realm of law enforcement) under the radar, Strike is ready for action.

While working an underground case involving his own family (who are known members of the Russian Mob) Gabriel receives a call for help, from the one woman he has always wanted, but accepted he could never have.

Together they must bring in a brutal killer, and fight their way out of a tangled wed of lies, deceit, and murder. Only together will they survive when more than one faction is out to take their lives.

Will Gabriel be able to protect the woman he loves? If she lives through this, what will Tany do? Will she finally win the heart of the man she has loved since she was a teenager, or will she have to let him go? Will Gabriel loose himself to his Mobster side to save Brittany?

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قصه الرجل السادي الذي يقوم بممارسه معا جميع الفتيات الذي يراهم وهوه اكبر رئيس مافيا في كوريا سادي ليس لديه رحمهً في قلبه يقتل اخ البطله فتقرر الانتقام فتقوم بالشغل عند المدعو بجونغكوك وهيه لا تعلم انه هوه الذي قتل اخيها فيعجب بجمالها فيقرر امتلاكها لاكنها تقاومه بكل مره وهوه يتملكها غصبن عنها حتى بكل مره تفقد وعيها من كثر الممارسه الجني بعنف معاها فتقع بحبه اثارة ، رمنسيه ، تعذيب ، الساديه بجميع طرقها
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Thrown out and bashed by her own family, April Rutter was among the only wolves who couldn't shift nor held any powers. Mocked by male wolves and abused by female wolves, April believed it was in her destiny to be nothing more until someone else took charge of her destiny, Alpha Nicholas, the strongest and the cruelest leader of werewolves.Nicholas spent his mornings strategizing plans to take over the world and he spent his evening's taking down packs, killing werewolves and alpha's from all around the world. So what happened when he made his way into Moonlight Ash pack and killed nearly everyone?Havoc.

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