Undeniable Chemistry

Undeniable Chemistry

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I suddenly crashed to the floor, my papers flying everywhere "Watch where you're going, Jesus!" The middle one said and kept walking. "Hey, asshole! Didn't anyone ever teach you not to be rude to someone you just met?"

They all turned around and walked up to me "what did you just say?" The middle one asked "wow, rude and deaf...what a combo" I said "listen bitch, I don't know who you are but you better watch out" I felt my fists clenching at the mention of the word bitch.

You want bitch? You got it.


There's only one word that can be used to describe Isabella June Evans and that is mysterious. Behind her smile is a sadness, her bright eyes hide the void within her. No one knows. No one sees. Behind closed doors, she fights but on the outside, she's a 17-year-old who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for her, it's her rosy pink lips, pale skin, black hair, feisty attitude and the secrets she hides behind her eyes that attract them and rope them in until they can't let go. Specifically, that one particular blue-eyed, brown-haired boy that seems to be the only one who can see her for who she truly is.

Tyler McAdams.

What could possibly go wrong when the worlds' two most stubborn people cross paths? What happens when you fight fire with fire? They say you get burned, but what if there's more to it?



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