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Category: Romance
"And where the hell is the supposed assistant?" He angrily asked.

"I'm here." A soft voice answered shyly. There was something about the voice that was oddly familiar.

He was ready to fire the person until he turned around to find no one other than Shayan West, a woman he heavily despised.

Her heart was pounding in her chest loudly as she stared at him, it was him, standing in front of her after five years.

Everything was going great for Shayan until her new boss arrived. What happens when her new boss turns out to be no one other than Kel Adrios, the man who caused so much drama in her life. Would she continue working or quit? Will they overcome their misunderstanding and start a new or loose their love to revenge? After all it takes two to tango and the more you hate, the more you fall in love.

Read to find out. You will experience a surge of emotions and your heart strings will be played like a guitar chord.

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