Ulterior Motives

Ulterior Motives

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Category: Paranormal
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Reagan Blake is damn good at her job, the best. She makes a living solving cases and helping her community get out of jams. She fixes things. When the supernatural Community needs someone to step in and take care of situations they call on Reagan.
She loves everything about her job, that is until Oliver steps into her office asking for her help. She finds herself agreeing when all of her instincts are telling her to send him packing. Everything about him warns her that she should keep her nose out of this one. He's gorgeous, mysterious with that raw edge of danger and power. He's also a Warlock, which she knows should be enough to tell decline the job. But he's not just any Warlock, he's a member of the inner Circle of Warlocks. The most powerful and dangerous Warlocks alive. They are judge, jury and executioners for the Supernatural Community. Oliver's a walking advertisement for bad judgment calls and Reagan can't say no.

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แ€™แ€ผแ€ฝแ€ฑ(Complete -U+Z)


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