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Tyler Oakley Oneshots

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Tyler Oakley said goodbye to YouTube after welcoming his twin boys Archer Ken & Sparrow Tyde, with then boyfriend Troye Sivan.

Tyler and Troye broke up when the boys were six months old & since then, they have co-parented the boys beautifully, still acting like a regular family.

Tyler wanted his boys to have a normal childhood despite having two very famous parents.

Tyler, an author, twitch streamer, social media influencer & youtuber & Troye, a former youtuber & actor turned popular singer-songwriter & musician.

Tyler decides to come back to YouTube at the request of his boys & his devoted fans who have followed him for many years on all social media platforms.

Tyler & his childhood best friend Korey finally get together after having feelings for each other for years. Tyler & Korey have two daughters together - Hazel Rose and Rory Briar!

Follow along on the up & downs of Tyler Oakley's journey of single fatherhood!

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