Twisted Wonderland

Twisted Wonderland

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You're stuck in the Island of Woe as you try to find Grim. Forced to navigate through the halls filled with blot. Will you be able to escape? Will you find a way home? Or are you going to stay in this magical world of Twisted Wonderland?

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The Eyes Of The DevilWhat happens when Oscar Harris, an angelic boy living in his own personal hell, tries to escape his life of misery and stumbles right into Luke Daniels, who people coincidentally pinned as the devil.Luke Daniels had to move schools, he has a rough personality and wants nothing more than to escape his past and be left alone, that is until he meets Oscar Harris, a fragile stuttering mess who is one big mystery. What is the boy who seems so innocent so afraid of, and why does he all of a sudden want to stick around and find out?Oscar Harris has known nothing but fear, pain and misery for the majority of his life. He's ready to give up, move on and accept that the world will never be on his side, that is until he meets Luke Daniels. People are afraid of Luke, rumours about him being cursed or something. But really, what has Oscar got to be afraid of? He hasn't got anything to lose, so why not test the world and see what happens when he stares straight into The Eyes Of The Devil.-⚠️This book includes abuse, self harm, mental health, rape and other serious topics⚠️[Book created on 13th Febuary 2019][Book completed on 16th June 2020]© 2024 by PerfectlyOdd_ . All rights reserved.
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