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"I think I'm gay." I say, leaving out the part about my... exposing dream about him last night.

I watched his expression, waiting for some sign that he was angry. I waited for him to call me a faggot, to curse me off and tell me he never wanted to see me again.

Instead, I was greeted with his perfect toothy smile.

"That's great man, I'm of proud you." He says, patting my arm as he stuffed another cracker in his mouth. "It takes some real balls to come out to someone." He says, his beautiful green eyes blazing into mine.

I felt myself become flustered at his gaze. "Uh, Yeah, Thanks." I stumbled out, "You're not mad?" I ask.

His expression turns to hurt as he crinkles his eyebrows. "Why the hell would I be mad?" He asks, hesitating on the crackers and pushing them away.

"I just thought-it's just- well... you just always seem so pissed when someone mentions the word gay." I spit out words, scared for his reaction.

He sighs, "That doesn't fucking mean I hate gays. Normally when I do that it's because someone's using the word 'gay' to hate on them, it just pisses me off, you know?" He asks, bringing the crackers back into his lap and biting into them.

"Plus-" He adds on, "You're my best friend, if anything, you being gay is a blessing. I'll always support you." He says, glancing at me through the side of his eyes.

I look away, towards the door to hide the crimson blush that I feel spread over my face.

"Thanks." I all but squeak out.

And that's the day I realized, I have a faint crush on my best friend.



Also, Please don't be mean to the characters, they aren't even close to perfect, but they don't deserve hate.

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