Trust Me Again

Trust Me Again

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Category: Teen Fiction
He's a bad boy.
She's a nerd.
She's Mikayla Winter.
He's Jacob Burke.
They used to be the best of friends.
What happens when he needs a tutor?
And she's his only hope?
Can she find something she thought she already found?
And something he thought he wouldn't need to go on?

(#1 in Teen Fiction - Nov. 7, 2015)

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Author: Yan Guikang/艳归康Category: Tanmei fictionStatus: 241 chapter (Finished) Introducing:Cheng Zhi's turn of rebirth was quite exciting.Not only did he descent from a first-class, vigor and young actor, into a nobody small-fry actor,He even took on a new lease of life as a frail, pretty looking little sissy.Meeting the director -Director: Can you take the role as the female lead number four?Meeting the movie emperor -Movie Emperor: Can I have your number?The agent with this hacked artist: Will do, to play a transvestite role is also a way to reach the skies.Then -He became a top-notch drag queen.Ps:Calm and calm and he is the best actor in the entertainment industry. This is the story of a young man who returned the entertainment industry with the intention of playing a female role only once, but he didn't expect to end up on this road. He kept filming and became a fan of male and female fans all over the world.Machine translation. The front cover image is not mine.
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Bella is a shy girl, but when you get to know her she's outgoing. When she was 5 something tragic happened to cause her to be the sheltered girl that flinches at the slightest movements. She always treated people kindly and with respect but she never received it back. She was a target for people to pick on and hurt both physically and mentally. With her father always working she feels alone. But when the bad boy starts to become protective of her she started to see that she wasn't alone anymore. Ryder is a bad boy, he has a past that no one knows about, he sticks to his three best friends, and has really bad anger issues. His blue eyes are always cold and always has that I hate you type of look. But when he sees Bella flinch he stares into her brown eyes seeing pain and fear, yet the fear didn't seem like it was because of him and that caused something to stir inside of him. It makes him hate this feeling and had the urge to protect her from whatever was causing her that fear, and without even knowing she became his everything.With Bellas past catching up to her will Ryder protect her? Are they exactly what they need for each other? Or will they tear each other apart?Read to find out more
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Katy Fairchild is an orphan and knows that no respectable man will marry her. But when a storm throws her into the arms of a mysterious stranger, will she fight society's opinion of her low status to pursue a forbidden romance? *****At the age of nine, Katy Fairchild was brought to the small village of Wilshire to live with her distant relations, the Banes family. Brought up as a companion to their daughter, Eliza, Katy has lived a life according to her low rank and limited opportunities, and without complaint. But one day when she is nineteen, she gets caught in a dangerous storm with a handsome man who is unlike anyone she's met before. The encounter throws Katy into a world she never knew. For the first time, a better life may be just around the corner, but is she prepared to fight for it?[[word count: 70,000 - 80,000]]Cover designed by Cil Ojumo
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Book One in the Soul Seeker Series.At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, stern and unfair, he is almost never at home and forces his family to move whenever his job calls for it.For three years Amelia has looked after herself and her younger brother Hayden but when she tranfers to Riverwood High everything changes. She finds herself friends there despite the efforts of her stepsister.One teacher in particular takes an interest in her, the 25 year old Nathaniel Flynn. The first time he laid eyes on her he knew, he just had to have her.At eighteen Amelia has to look after her baby brother, hold her own against a stepmother and mean stepsister and battle feelings she's never felt before. After all... Dating your teacher is forbidden, not that Nathaniel seems to care about that.Add into the equation that both her new found friends and teacher aren't who they say they are... Their diet consisting mainly of blood.

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