Trust In Me (Triplets book 2)

Trust In Me (Triplets book 2)

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Category: Romance
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One day, in the elevator at work, Shayne Richards saw him. He was handsome and quiet, and he drew Shay like a moth to a flame. It became her one bright spot in an otherwise dull existence to see him every day at the same time in the same place. One day, in the elevator at work, Nathan Wright saw her. She was exquisite, and standing behind her for the short three-minute ride became Nate's reward for dragging himself into the office every day. They were both trying to keep low profiles as they figured their way out of the messes they had made of their lives. Who knew fate was about to give them a hand and help them discover a life they never dreamed was possible.

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60 bullets 59 58 57.. The countdown to 17 Bullets begins now. Eleanor was prepared for the zombie apocalypse, not a completely different planet with werewolves, dragons, and viper-fanged skunks! She will have to use all her survival tricks if she wants to stay alive. How will she react when she meets Thann, a handsome alien and learns that he and all men are werewolves and there hasn't been a woman on the planet for a hundred years? How will Thann react when he realizes that she is the woman his mother told stories of a century ago? How will they even find out when they don't speak the same language? As Eleanor's pocket full of bullets decreases, she gets closer and closer to becoming the werewolf queen. Complete. Word Count: 105,000~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He turned slowly back, dreary eyes meeting mine. The towering man was nearly seven feet tall and all bulging muscles. His hair was dark and cut long skimming his smooth angled jaw. Brows watching me with the same intensity as I was watching him. Very lovely rich tan color. Shirtless and barefoot, but wearing simple leather pants, with some kind of pack hanging to his hip. Stomach raw with some deep gash and body littered with cuts. The entire picture of him was genuinely mouthwateringly handsome, but with the dagger still held in one hand entirely too deadly."Stay right there Dothraki!" I called, my rifle finally having something in the crosshairs again. I'd never watched the popular show, but the videos I saw sure had him looking like he could play one of the built characters.The dagger dropped to the ground and he fell to a single knee after it, though he didn't bend to pick it up. He bent to ...bow? His head stayed inclined as he bent and spoke. His voice was smooth and husky, deep and baritone. Exceptionally beautiful. "Earth female safe."1st in Aliens: 09/21
~Sanscest Oneshots~

Requests open!Fluff: ☁️Angst: 🖤Crack: 💥Sin/Lemon: 🍋#2 in sanscestoneshots on Friday 16th April 2021#1 in sanscestoneshots on Tuesday 15th June 2021

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𝗠𝘆 𝗴𝗹𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗼𝘂𝘀 𝗽𝘂𝗿𝗽𝗼𝘀𝗲

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The Super Mario Artbook #2

With the first Super Mario Artbook finished, let's hope this series of Mario fan art lasts longer. I will be doing the same thing I did with the previous artbook. I'll be posting daily challenge art from DeviantArt, any new OCs I come up with, book covers and cover art for my fanfics, and much more.Like always, there will be 100 drawings in this book.

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Peter Parker & The Avengers one shots

one shots over Peter Parker and his large familyOne shots/ Short stories of Peter and MJ aswellAlso includes Tom Holland Oneshots///Sorry if these are really crappy

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Letting go for Julia

Companion piece to Holding on for William.

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Appraisal ✱ jack x katherine - jackrine

It all started with a single thought: If you placed two individuals in a house together for twelve months, would they fall in love?•Newsies AU•{ newsies }{ newsies ff }{ newsies fanfiction }{ jack kelly }{ katherine plumber }{ katherine pulitzer }{ jackrine }{ jack x katherine }•completed•©snyderthespiderOnly Available on Wattpad2018

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This is for my bbq 😏 I hope you like it i worked hard in this😩☝️#5 under pitbull😥

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