Trolls World Tour: The Origins of Music

Trolls World Tour: The Origins of Music

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(Book 1 of Many)

Isekai huh? In a world of magical, fun loving creatures who sing and dance all day? How does that work?

Well most would think that there'd be no reason to, especially if everything works out all peachy keen in the end. However, what if there was one version, one world where this was necessary?

Now with the rise of an old darkness within a world full of sunshine and rainbows, would the addition of six humans from another world turn the tide or fuel the fire?

(Note: Regardless of this being an added original story mixed with the story within the movie, along with being an oc insert, I do not own Trolls World Tour, its story nor any character under its name. All the ownership goes to Dreamworks and its developers. The only things I own in this story are any outside characters that do not show up in the original shows, movies, games, etc. Meaning my oc's and anyone else that is created by me to fit the story.)

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