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Taken And Diapered

Emily is your classic good girl. Shes 18 years old. Her life seems all planned out but what happens when she is taken and forced into diapers? Will she accept this new life or will she fight for her old life back?DisclaimerDon't read if you don't like diapers, as simple as that!Mentions of: wetting/messing/forced orgasms/bandage/forced into diapers and much more
Light as a Feather, Silent as the Grave

This is Book 3 in the Light as a Feather series.Book 1: Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board (available on Amazon & iTunes)Book 2: Light as a Feather, Cold as MarbleI would like to extend a giant THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of you who've stuck with these books over the last 3 years.
Lay Me Down

Lizzie had been forced to sleep with men for as long as she can remember to support her mom and stepdad's raging drug habits. She's lost and has no one to turn to leaving her to trust no one, but when the new guy comes to school and insist on being apart of her life Lizzie see's her life through new eyes. She experiences things that she never thought she would and finally is able to live life, but all good things mst come to and end or must they?
Brozone/Broppy Short Stories

Stories of Branch and his brothers doing funny things. P.s. Might have stories of Poppy and Branch, too.P.p.s Also will have movie spoofs as well
[BL] I Got Famous Making Cooking Livestreams In Space

Title : I Got Famous Making Cooking Livestreams In SpaceStatus : CompletedAuthor : 烦烦不烦Raws:▶NOTE: This is an auto-translate, so please bare with the wrong grammars and sentences. Thank you.I don't own this story or the translation, credits to the author, translator, editor, and the proofreader.PS: FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY
The Bad Girl Stole The Stage (BWWM) ✓

"The greatest risk any of us will take is to be seen as we are." -Cinderella, Cinderella ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Jail time, community service, and... Dance lessons?For 19 year old Alex, she did not foresee herself getting arrested for illegal street racing- or maybe she did, considering she'd been racing cars since the age of 15.What she didn't foresee was having to choose between jail time, and community service at a prestige ballet academy...And what she most definitely didn't foresee was falling in love with the CEO's son.
! Yandere! Nagito x Reader

This was made back in mid 2020 and these stories are so bad and cringe, enjoy them before I delete them💋 THANKS FOR #1 IN DANGANRONPA THOO, love y'all and if I was back in 2020 I'd def be updating more cringe stories 😇‼️
Up in the Stars

Enid is moving across the world to attend university. Away from all that she knows, she soon finds herself at the center of three men's unyielding attention. Three men who are her professors. Inexperienced and innocent, she is the exact opposite of these dark, possessive men. And she is everything they've always wanted.

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Five Seconds of Beacon Hills

Fact: Kate Argent is alive.Fact: Kate Argent is not longer human.Myth: Derek Hale's whole family burned because of Kate Argent.Scott, Stiles, and Lydia were preparing for another fight, but not the shocking news of Derek's hidden family member's existence. Some things really are too Unbelievable to be made up. Ashton Irwin is more than a talented musician, he's also a natural born werewolf, who is non-other than Derek Hale's cousin. When Derek calls Ashton for help he is obligated to travel a day into the past with one purpose: avenge his family by helping kill Kate Argent. The downfall is that means no more Five Seconds of Summer.*Teen Wolf/Five Seconds of Summer fan fic.*************will only update if/when more interest is shown*************

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Mr.Artist || A KTH FF [sequel to CYBOT]

A SEQUEL TO CYBOT"Hi. I'm Vincent Van Goh.""No you are not. What's your real name?"***--glitch-- "I'm sorry" --glitch-- "I couldn't save you" --glitch-- ***"We meet again"***"I promise not to leave."STARTED: 05/05/2021STATUS: CompletedUPDATES: Slow pacedFINISHED: 11/05/2023

1.1K 9 145
Kiss My Ice

A competitive figure skater is forced to trade places with a rival hockey player in order to avoid being kicked out of the rink.Blurb-"I see you have met Aiden," Mr. Hansen said to me, popping his head over the railing from the the top of the bleachers. He looked quite ecstatic that Aiden and I were already talking. "If you don't already know, Zoe, Aiden is going to be joining the hockey team starting effective next week with the new sponsorship."I forced a fake smile onto my face, gritting my teeth. "How did we get so lucky?"I turned my attention back onto Aiden, quirking an eyebrow as I looked him over- just trying to get an input of who this guy was. The man was stupidly handsome - if you managed to get past the oversized ego that sat on his shoulders. "Enjoying the view?"His sexist comment snapped me back into reality, resulting in me letting out a not-so-ladylike snort. "Please, the only reason I have to look at you is to try and figure out just what it is exactly that would make you so smug, but as far as I can tell, you have absolutely nothing going for you."Despite my effort to get a response out of him, he smirked as if accepting the challenge. "Besides the fact I am the number one center in the state of Massachusetts?""Am? Don't you mean was? Now was looks bad on a resume."Aiden's jaw clenched, and in that moment I would have been dead if looks could kill. I was pretty sure that if it'd been legal for him to hit a girl, he would have already been on the ice by now. But it wasn't, and I'd clearly just won.I felt quite satisfied with myself and decided it'd be fun to rub some salt in his freshly wounded ego. I turned and sprinted across the ice before looking back over my shoulder and blew him a fake kiss, lifted my left leg up, and smacked my butt in a sense to let him know that he can just kiss my ass before I'd let him take over this rink.

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Dead By Daylight   {One-shots}

All of my *ahem* clean *ahem* ideas and fantasies of this game!!Feel free to sugest people you want me to write about, I'll take any request, gay, straight, lesbian, more then 2 people, it all up to you what you wanna see!!-{Warning: contains smut/Lemons, those chapters will be marked!!}-#01 - dbd 08/07/18 🎉#04 - dbd 08/04/18#05 - dbd 07/28/18#07 - deadbydaylight 08/07/18#10 - deadbydaylight 07/28/18

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The War

39 1 1 Full
Genshin Impact Zodiacs


25.9K 56 209
The Heart Behind Those Glasses

Angela Winters is just your regular high school nerd, a book lover, hates parties you name it. But then her world changes the day when she has to tutor Alex the most popular boy in school and her complete opposite. Alex Anderson is the most popular guy basically the golden boy that everyone loves but his world soon changes when he finds out that he's failing in school and will be kicked off all of his sports team if he continues. He meets Angela and they develop a friendship that some would consider odd. Can Alex change Angela's mind about not wanting anything to do with boys and convince her to fall for him like he did from the moment they first met? !WARNING!EXTREMELY CLICHE

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ROBIN STARK 2 // iron man 2 a.u

RHODEY X OCIRONMAN 2 ALTERNATE UNIVERSE* * *"What happens to you and your clean records?""Who cares about clean records now!"* * *After winning the case, Lieutenant Robin Stark got offered as an operational intelligence officer in the Air Force and continues to work with Captain Marshall despite being short-term rivals. Meanwhile having her won job in the military, Robin tries to keep a healthy relationship with Rhodey and being the one who was helping Tony with his arc reactor.* * *BOOK 1: ROBIN STARK

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Manan:Taming my little wife

A new story of romance, action and thriller on MaNan...he is the CEOshe is ReporterBoth are in love and happy married couplebut both has secrets which are not known by either of themshe is the top agent of underworld known as dark knightshe has a secret name "Lion"and he is the guard agent known as shadow guard and he has a secret name "Chief"Both agents group are enemies since long due to a misunderstandingwill the actual revelations of their identity will drift them afarwho are now in love will become enemiesor make a new way for their lovePublished on -9 June 2021

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Our Blooming Harem (Kimetsu no Yabia x reader)

┌── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──┐『A girl who aims to give demons a second chance in hopes to turn them into good people again. But never aimed to start a harem on her journey!!! 』 ≪ ◦ ❖ ◦ ≫╰┈➤ The L/n clan had always seen demons as ❝Disgusting Creatures❞ and had ❝Loathed❞ them dearly due to the many lost lives in their clan because of demons.But L/n Y/n had always felt connected to demons and wants to help them regain humanity. Pairing up with Miss Tamayo for her mission, L/n becomes a demon slayer in hopes to gather demon's blood and might have gathered a few demons and people to keep her company on this long journey. ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Will L/n Y/n succeed on finding the cure? Or will she die trying to find it? ≪ ◦ ❖ ◦ ≫ ❝But I never asked to start a harem on my journey!!!! ❞ ❝She's pretty... Maybe on the same level as I put Miss Tamayo....❞ ❝She's quite a doll. Beautiful and well kept. I'm delighted to make her acquaintance !❞ ❝Nezuko you can't keep hugging her! I want a chance too...❞ ❝Y-YOUR A WHOLE GODDESS!!! PLEASE MARRY ME GODDESS-SAMA❞ ❝FIGHT ME PRETTY LADY !!! I WILL WIN AND GAIN YOUR AFFECTION❞ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Started on 6/30/22 ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Ended on ???????? └── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──┘

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