Trishalini ~ The Jewel of Mahabaleshgarh

Trishalini ~ The Jewel of Mahabaleshgarh

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Everything changed the day the King ordered me to seduce his son and bring him back to the Kingdom. He was my best friend.

As per the order of things, a Yuvraj cannot befriend a Commoner girl. But we were. He was anything but nice and helpful to me, and in return, I betrayed him. The betrayal ran deep, costing him the trust of the last of his friends.

I saw him becoming cruel. The man who struggled to kill a deer in the Gurukul sliced throats and smiled right in front of me. His anger was scary, and the scariest part was the redemption of what I did to him.

"You shall marry me," his words were clear, emotionless.

"I am getting married. My fiancรฉ is waiting outside for me, Abhinan," I tried to say, but he clenched his jaw.

"My father asked you to do something for me, and in return, I shall do something for him, too. He is on his deathbed, and his last wish is to see his grandchild. Since you are closer to him, you must do this," he almost ordered, and I took a step back, shaking my head.

"Are you out of your mind? I am an adopted daughter of your Guruji. Nobody knows my family, my bloodline, my caste or my community. The throne will never accept me; your father will be tormented," I said, and he stepped closer.

"Well, that's why you are perfect for it. I shall make sure that even after seeing his grandchild, he will never rest in peace," he exclaimed and took me from there.


The story is set in the 17th Century. When only the Princesses were meant to sit beside the King on the Throne, Trisha transformed herself to become Trishalini, the most loved Queen in history. There was no bed of roses in the early days, but she ensured the people in her kingdom slept on them. Amidst the guilt, anger and redemptions bloomed a forbidden, dark love story of King Abhinandan and Trishalini, aka Trisha.

Magicallovely Histrom Universe (MHU) Book #7
Copyright @ 2024
Mature Content!

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