trash's life: tcf react

trash's life: tcf react

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"I'm not a god damn saint!! hyung help me!!!" Cale ranted to alberu who was laying down.
Suddenly they were teleported to a cinema room with a weird assistant goddess?

this is a reaction fic, if you want read it.
however i will warn you this is my first fanfic so everything isn't too thought out. Ofcourse i'll learn as i go but it's mostly just fluff, interactions and crack? if that explains it. So i will say if your looking for really good connective thought out story and an amazing reaction, there are plenty of fanfics just like that!

Thank you

A/N (from a very very lazy person with no schedule, don't mind me, sorry i update slow!)
trash of the counts family is by yu ryeo han, this is a fanfic as you know :)
The TCF chapters are taken from Eat apple

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