Transmitted in a Beast World Novel

Transmitted in a Beast World Novel

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Lian Yu who was once a Veterinarian got infected by the Zombie virus however her memories and intelligence stayed and her body is just like a Human not only that but she also has a Wood & Water Elemental Power a Space Ability, a Teleportation Ability which is very useful for her and a Creation Ability, after getting infected she noticed that she won't feel any pain nor has any blood due to her as being a Zombie.

After discovering her Abilities she had started training her body like crazy and killed other Zombies, Mutant Plants or Bad Superhumans and use their Crystal Nucleus to strengthen her power and Rank until she had reached the most terrifying Rank in the whole world which is Rank 9, Lian Yu has received the mission to fought against the Zombie King who is in Rank 10 level, after winning against the fight with the Zombie King she had a breakthrough to Rank 10 and helped restored humanity in the Whole World she made a City for only Zombies and a City for humans and people had now recognized her as their "Hero" but of course those happy times didn't last long.



While Lian Yu was strolling outside in their Base she stopped on a stall which has many Novel books and was suddenly attracted to Cover of a Novel that has a title: "Beauty and the Beasts"

The title was quite weird but of course Lian Yu wasn't the type to read those kind of 'lovey dovey Novel books' but a side of her is telling her to read, what could she do her hands were already itching to buy that wierd cheesey Novel. So Lian Yu buyed the Novel, after reading half of the story Lian Yu decided to take a rest.

After she woke up Lian Yu discovered she transmitted inside the Novel.


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