Transmigrating into the birthing text and giving birth to cubs

Transmigrating into the birthing text and giving birth to cubs

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Category: Fantasy
brief introduction:

  "Crossing into the text of giving birth to a child and giving birth to a cub" Author: May 1st [End]

The copywriter was passed into the text of a baby with eight treasures and gave birth to a cub of a domineering president. Xie Yicai was fired from the company and owed a huge amount of debt. He couldn't find a job. He could only be introduced by a friend to write a novel of eight treasures for one child to make money to pay off the debt. The sadistic love affair he wrote has been scolded by countless people, but he made a lot of money. He was happily counting money, and he was punished and transmigrated into his novel. he became the protagonist.

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Dear Reader, Please Read the Following;> THIS IS F-A-N-E-D-I-T-E-D-M-T-L / FAN EDITED MTL> BEWARE OF MISTAKES IN ENGLISH, GRAMMAR AND PHRASES!> FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY> THE BOOK IS ONLY OWNED BY THE AUTHORS AND PUBLISHER.■■■■■[ SHOU MC - REBORN - WEALTHY FAMILY - FIRST LOVE ROUTE - REVENGE - IDIOT VILLAINS - OVERHEAD - SWEET PET ] Author: Whitening SensenStatus: CompletedLatest: Chapter 79After Ruan Qingyuan died, he realized that he was one of the vicious male partners in the rich sweet pet essay. Bai Yunshu, his father's illegitimate son, is the protagonist of the novel. The protagonist is blessed by Bai Yun, pitiful, pure and simple, with a halo of heartthrob. Ruan Qingyuan's boyfriend loves him and loves him to the death; the leader of the dark web organization loves him and loves him too hard; the boss of the pharmaceutical industry loves him, and he loves him humble and humble. Wherever he goes, he can have a bunch of suitors. Only Ruan Qingyuan targeted and framed him everywhere, tried his best to drive him out of the house, and finally went to jail with the cooperation of his father and boyfriend. After rebirth, facing the ruthless daddy, Ruan Qingyuan backhanded the DNA identification sheet: "Sorry, my dad is dead." Facing the betrayal of his boyfriend, Ruan Qingyuan: The scumbag and the dog, forever, I lock you up. Ruan Qingyuan, who was abandoned by his boyfriend and kicked out of the house, became the abandoned son among the population, and then - Ruan Qingyuan took the DNA identification sheet and walked into the home of the richest man. Brother of the richest man: "Ah, my lovely brother, welcome home!" Brother Frankenstein: "Why is my baby brother so thin, you must be bullied by the Ruan family!" The grumpy brother: "Who dares to move my brother, I move who's the brains!" Ruan Qingyuan smiled slightly, life and death are unpredictable: "Leave Ruan's house, let me come."
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The story depicts the different sides of love. Starring Meteor Garden 2018 and A love So beautiful casts. I do not anything in the picture, I just edited it for visualization, credits to the owner.

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