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For education purposes on gender issues.

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(MTL)Lucky wife became rich in the 1980s by relying on space

STORY NOT MINEDO NOT VOTE!FOR OFFLINE READING ONLYTitle: 福运娇妻靠空间在八零年代暴富了Lucky wife became rich in the 1980s by relying on spaceAuthor: Le XiaoyouCategory: Rebirth through time travelRelease time: 2022-06-21Latest: Chapter 460 FinaleAlso known as "The Medicine Stove Explodes, She Takes the Top Dimension Back to 80s" 】 As a top pharmacist, Chu Qingci is addicted to refining medicine to make money every day and cannot extricate herself. Finally, the medicine furnace was overwhelmed and exploded, blowing her directly into the 1980s. The family is destitute, there is not enough to eat, the parents are cowardly, and the grandmothers, aunts, uncles and aunts are all bullying! Chu Qingci was furious, and immediately separated the family, turning over and making decisions on her own. Parents are shy in their pockets, so they didn't finish their last meal? Don't be afraid! Collecting herbs, treating diseases, and selling medicines, money comes. The blood jade pendant given by the master turned into a planting space, where herbs, vegetables, and fruits were planted. Then, she became rich in the 1980s by relying on space.
Actors Age Regression One-Shots

Age Regression Stories⚠️Warning: Major fluff, Use of diapers, pacifiers and bottles, Breastfeeding, Bed Wetting, Angst, Anxiety⚠️Mama Y/N and Little Actor/ActressMultiple one-shots with stories about actors and actresses embracing their little side. A couple of them will have a few parts. The people I've chosen for the stories are my favorite people in the world and I've written them with a lot of love. I've only seen a few stories where the reader is the caregiver, so I decided to write some prompts where we get that opportunity.If you don't like this type of stories or this theme overall, don't read the book. I'm not taking requests at the moment, but if you have an idea for a specific actor/actress that you would like to see a story from, I'll try to use the prompt and give out credit of course.I'm really excited to see what you guys think. See you in the comments!Updates: Every other weekendBest Rankings🏅#3 on #evangelinelilly - 05/19/2024🏅#6 on #ryangosling - 05/24/2024🏅#14 on #paulrudd - 05/24/2024
A day in the life

This is like those instagram books but for rambling and drawings or animation basesStarted: February 1st 2020Completed: N/A
The GIRL he NEVER Noticed

A college going girl.. 👩She is sweet and innocent always helping others...A guy in her college... She was always having crush on him from the very first day of college but as time goes that crush turns into pure feeling called "LOVE" ❤ BONDITA A college going guy... 👨‍🦱He is friendly, dashing, charming and bit arrogant... He NEVER noticed a GIRL in his college who LOVES him... Until a day... But WHEN and HOW?? ANIRUDDHWill he get to know about her feelings?? Has he started loving her?? Do she has the same feeling?? Will they meet??Will they have happy ending or sad ending??More questions.... Peep inside the story to know more about them...
Dream Island + (The Original)

It's been a year since B.F.B has ended and Woody was the winner. Ever since winning B.F.B Woody's life has been getting better and better. After he won he got a girlfriend (you probably know who it is), he got rich and famous among other things. Woody decided it's time to give back to those who helped him along the way. So with a few million dollars and some worker's, he built Dream island +.14 contestants will now battle it out to see who will win Dream Island+. Woody is your host along with Teardrop as co-host And this is Dream Island +!7/16/22 or 16/7/22 - #1 BFDI
Before the dawn

This is a complication of poetry.
Paint with Me Among the Shadows (Book One, the Salvation MC Series)

What happens when a finger painting prodigy hitches a ride from a disfigured biker? Why chaos of course!Quirky, oddball Georgie is anything but normal. For years she hasn't only suffered from a lack of filter but she also has "episodes." She can't control them. To make matters worse, she was just expelled from the illustrious art university that she had been lucky enough to get into. With nowhere else to turn, Georgie makes the decision to travel back home to Sunny Valley, AL to reunite with her father and sister, whom she hasn't seen in fourteen years.It's at a gas station where she meets the beautifully scarred, Adonis, and with his help, she arrives home in typical Georgie fashion: with arms full of snacks, a never-ending string of chatter, and a determination to find out the truth all while keeping her episodes a secret. Easier said, right? Especially when that handsome biker stumbles upon an episode.*Wattpad Reviews:"This was a beautiful book and captured me throughout." @JamieLee716"This was honestly one of the best books I have read on Wattpad in the last two years." @alswedlove"I love this book. This was such an emotional ride. At times so painful, so raw. And the ending... Perfect." @YelenaLugin"I was so hooked I couldn't put my phone down." @S_Nicole1995"Wow, honestly I loved the raw emotions in this book." @kenny-08"This story was seriously beautifully written." @SugarLoverCandy9"This is one of the best stories I've ever read no exaggeration!" @xxxSweetMelodyxxx* # 1 in Chick Lit 2/21/23# 1 in Art 5/8/22# 1 in Alphamale 7/20/21# 3 in Comedy 6/26/21# 1 in Painting 7/30/21# 3 in Biker 5/5/22# 3 in Motorcycle 5/5/22# 5 in bad boy 11/19/21 # 4 in Mental Health 2/19/22# 21 in Romance 7/20/22
When A Vampire Bit An Omega

Title: 当吸血鬼咬了OmegaAuthor: Chu Mosheng (初陌笙)Introduction:Ivan is a little vampire who has crossed to the Interstellar Military Academy by accident. Among the piles of Alphas, he became a veritable weak chicken...So, the little vampire started his hunt in a group of five big and rough men until he found a handsome and beautiful man who seemed to be a little troublesome.He rubbed and stretched out his two small fangs, slowly approaching the back of the man's neck, licking his lips and intending to have a delicious meal.However...He was caught off guard, and was thrown over his shoulder by someone, and fell directly to the ground.JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS:✓ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)✓ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)✓ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Read✓ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.✓ All Rights and Credits to the original author (初陌笙), google translator, and link(s).

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Oneshots written to cope with self-harm

Not currently being updated, but if anyone has requests I will write them (seriously, please request stuff if you have ideas it makes me super excited)tw:do not read if self harm, depression, anxiety and the like have any chances of trigfering youstay safe yall <3Request guidelines - no smut and no x reader/ y/n, SA stuff makes me uncomfy but it depends on the specificsfeel free to request from any fandom, ive watched and real a lot of shit so I might be in it lolfandoms (that this series includes):sk8 the infinitybsdmhahaikyuumcuhxhvoltron (regretfully)some random books

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"Dont get ahead of yourself prettyboy" "what-" A RanbooXNB!Reader

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Meridia- Cato's version

A PREQUEL to the ' Meridia' series by me!What was Cato like before Kaylaya? Before being a victor?What was it like training to be a career?This book is based more on the true ' Hunger games' rather then ' Clato' fanfics. What careers truly thought and how they needed to go inevitably go against eachother..... But we know the History of Cato and Clove.

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☼ Closer ☼

Dove Taehyung inizia a seguire un certo Seokjin su instagram. ☼ ( è la mia prima storia su questo sito quindi scusatemi se ci saranno errori. )

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I Always Will

Book 2 Of The Del Marco Series COMPLETE!!!Marry in haste, repent at leisure.For Riley Emsworth and Rowan del Marco, the end of a love story is just the beginning...

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