Transformers: Prime: Every King needs a Queen

Transformers: Prime: Every King needs a Queen

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After the war for Cybertron began, Firestar fears for her future conjunk endura, Megatron, and she decides to marry him. Inferno, however, refuses to allow Firestar to accept a fate worse than death, but she heads over to Kaon anyway to meet her future husband. Once she arrives, Firestar tells Megatron that she loves him and wants to stay with him before the Decepticon warlord proposes to her to marry him and to rule the Decepticon empire by his side as his queen and Inferno desperately tries to "rescue" the femme bot he's in love with by disrupting Megatron's proposal.

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After saving both Earth and Cybertron as well as the entire universe from being destroyed by defeating the malevolent Unicron the Chaos Bringer as well as his herald, Doomsayer a.k.a Galvatron, Optimus Prime has returned to the Allspark and Bumblebee is now the next Prime. Megatron has redeemed himself and his son, Orion Eclipse, and Optimus Prime's daughter, Altair Comet, have united the Autobots and the Decepticons to end the war between them before becoming the next leaders and peacekeepers of both sides.All seems well for all our heroes as they moved on with their lives by carrying on the legacy of Optimus Prime and looking forward to a brighter future. However, not all bots are willing to let go of the hate as the vengeful and power-hungry Starscream is still on the loose while the evil Doomsayer a.k.a Galvatron later returns to get revenge on his enemies for snuffing out his spark. Now it's up to the next generation of heroes to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, Bumblebee a.k.a Hivemus Prime is trying to get used to being a Prime as well as becoming a leader of his own team while spending time with his human girlfriend, Charlie Watson. While that's going on, Megatron is spending time with his family when he decides to find out if his long-lost parents are still alive and out there in the galaxy.
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