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|WATTYS 2021 Shortlisted| ❝Teach me.❞ ❝Teach you what?❞ ❝Teach me how to be a bad boy.❞

Elias Rodriguez has a crush on a certain cheerleader (since forever), but she has a thing for bad boys, not chemistry nerds. Lucky for him, the cheerleader's best friend offers to coach him on how to be one. Will it work out for him or will he find love in an unlikely place? Only time will tell.

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FREEZE DRIED LYCHEE POWDER Dried Lychee PowderFreeze dried lychee powder is made from natural lychee fruits. Freeze dried lychee uses the most advanced plant extraction and vacuum freeze-drying technology in the world to maintain the color of lychee itself. The litchi powder is white-like fine powder with good fluidity, easy to dissolve, and easy to maintain. Our freeze dried lychee powder does not contain sweeteners, preservatives, sugar and sulfites!

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