Traces of Delilah

Traces of Delilah

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Category: Mystery
[Cover made by @Vanoeuxx]

After moving to Connecticut to room with her best friend for the summer, Chastity Blake doesn't know what to think of the charm bracelet she finds, caught under the floorboards in her new bedroom; with the initials D.K. engraved into it.

But ignoring the bracelet's origins isn't an option when she begins to live out strange scenarios as a young woman named Delilah. And when these scenarios start cutting too close to reality, she can't help but suspect they're memories. She quickly realizes though they're not her memories.

They're Delilah Kim's memories -- a girl who was believed to have committed her family's murder, then suicide. But her memories tell a different story other than what everyone else in town seems to know. And it's up to Chastity to place the missing pieces of the puzzle together.


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