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Category: Werewolf
Joel has always hated werewolf society. As one of the lowest ranked werewolves of the Bournville pack, he has learnt to clench his teeth and smile while having to bow to the authority of the higher ranked members of the pack. When Joel takes a job washing pots at the Alpha's manor house, he has no idea how quickly his life is going to change.

Casper, the Alpha's son has spent the last five years unsuccessfully looking for his mate. When an unlikely friendship forms between Casper and Joel, they both begin to question everything they thought they knew and whether there is more to their friendship than they realise.

Emily is the daughter of an Alpha from a rival pack. When the Alphas of the two packs decide to form an alliance, they decide the perfect way to achieve this is through the marriage of their children Emily and Casper.

When the time comes, will Casper choose Emily over his possible mate? Or will the decision never be his to make?

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