Tortured Awakening (Book #1)

Tortured Awakening (Book #1)

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Category: Vampire
Cordelia Bellrose lives a pristine life, in the upper class. The year is 1909 and though the Victorian Era has passed, a new one is about to enter. Cordelia is arranged to become engaged to Nathaniel Rowe, a man she has no interest in loving. Upon an unfortunate event, she is forced to give up the life she once knew. Everything ending back to vampire, Killian Claybrooke, a vampire who has been walking among the living for hundreds of years. He wants fun and takes the opportunity to snatch it, when he crosses paths with her, on his nightly feeding. Cordelia wants to move on and refuses to live life for a man, after all the events that have plagued her. However, without knowing it, Killian plans on getting everything he wants from Cordelia. She has to make sure she does not lose herself anymore than she already has, despite Killian's vampire friends entering the households and a greater threat that has Cordelia on a thin line, to figure out where she is meant to go. For a girl of her age, she soon begins to break all the rules she's grown up learning, to just to grasp her one true desire. Freedom.

*2nd Place in 2017 The Invisible Awards*

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