Top Notch🇯🇲(Completed)

Top Notch🇯🇲(Completed)

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Béyu doesn't believe in love and has no love life, but is curious about sex. Confiding in her best friend who took it has an opportunity for something great, she came up with the idea that she too experienced in the states. Sex between mutual friends. An the best candidate for the position is someone with not just experience, but money. Lots of Money.

An their planned Jamaican vacation is the best time for it.

Zyair didn't planned for any vacation but took one for the sake of his best friend and his woman. When an offer was made to have a girl for his sexual gain, he didn't bat an eye as he thought it was someone experience.

Béyu came as a surprise for him just as he was more than a surprise to her.

They knew it was a small world when she introduces herself. The girl he talked to twice about his bills is no one by her.

Kayaérachilani, the call center agent with the name everyone is intruded to know more about.


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-Updates every week-Waiting In The Rain#1 on PPOP#4 on mikha#44 on aiah#49 on BINI 🫶🫶🫶🫶A MikhAiah gxg au, by anonymous143zTagLishIf I miss you any harder, my heart might come looking for you.Should i put some of the lines here? -Nope, i dont like spoilers (but already did HAHAHA)Started: April 8, 2023Ended: ???
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تُصادِفُنا العَجائِـب فِي حَياتُهَا خَطف ، تَضحِية ، قَتل ، صُراعٍ ، مَوت ، حُب .إشتَياق، ضَحك، فَرح، حَزن، إبتَسامة، بُكاء،أحَكامهُم سَوفَ تَكونَ عِبارة عَن قِصصٍ كَثيرةٍ،لِكُل فَصلٍ قَصة وَلِكُل قَصة حَياة وَلِكُل حَياة ضَرف وَلِكُل ضَرف سَبب، إنةُ إنعَدام تَصور ألشُعور بَالسعَادةُ مَرةٍ أُخرىٰ، مَاذا يُريِد مِني ألقَدر ؟ هَل سَيُعذبُني ؟ أم سَيُسعَدنِي ؟ هَل سَيُعذبُني ؟ أم سَأكَونَ سَعيدةٍ ؟ هَل سَأكَونَ ضَحيةٍ ؟

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Evde yalnız kalmak zorunda olan lise ogrencisi Suzan'ın son gecesi.

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apkdesu is a place to download mod apk apps and android all applications are free not paid applications because on the apkdesu website it is an application that provides mod apk, so everything is a free application, if you want to download apk mod games or android applications you can visit the apkdesu website and name the domain is click now - apkdesu. com

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Josephine Carter became the first and only female Newsie when she ran away from her family at the age of ten because they didn't love her. Jack Kelly found her and took her in, treating her as his little sister. That's when she became a part of the newsie family. Granted, the guys did sometimes get on her nerves but they respected her just like they would anyone else. But when the price of the newspapers rise, it creates trouble for Josephine and the boys. It seems like things are becoming impossible, that winning the strike is impossible. When she meets a certain feared leader from Brooklyn, she starts to think that some things may not be impossible after all....Highest Rankings:#1 spotconlon 8/10/20, 9/17/21, 2/23/22#1 newsies 9/2/20, 8/9/21, 4/19/22#1 Racetrack 8/9/21#7 gabrieldamon#1 jackkelly 10/20/21

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