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Teaching At An All Boys School

|| Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction || Coral Stewart is a nerdy seventeen year old girl who is way too smart for her own good. She has already graduated and has been hired at St Martin's, an all boys school. The only problem with this is that she has to attempt to teach four boys History - and trust me when I say they are not going to make it easy for her. One nerdy girl.Four perverted boys.One History lesson every Friday. What could possibly go wrong?*=*=*=*Warning: There's gonna be dramaaaaa [Completed]Copyright © by Laylaa Khan
Taming The Alpha

Sakari, An 18 year old female wolf & Darius, A 19 year old male wolf and alpha... The twist? They're mates. Everything would be easy if it wasn't for Lukas, Sakari's boyfriend. Lukas doesn't want to accept the fact that Sakari found her mate and he'll stop at nothing to get her back, even if it means starting a war between their 2 packs.Cover Credit goes to @ReadingMySirens. Go check out her books guys, she's awesome! :D
Need - Jude Bellingham

Ayodele is the sister of Bukayo Saka, however the two couldn't be more different. She's unreliable, a wreck, a disappointment. Only one guy will truly be able to save her from herself but can he do it in time?©alohabishesss [JUDE BELLINGHAM, FANFICTION]TW~ Mentions of drug abuse, strong language etc. Read at your own discretion.Highest Rankings#1 in JUDEBELLINGHAM#1 in BORUSSIADORTMUND#1 in EUROS#1 in MANUTD#1 in SAKA#1 in SANCHO#1 in RAHEEMSTERLING#1 in REECEJAMES#1 in EUROS2021#1 in ENGLANDSQUAD#2 in FODEN#2 in LINGARD#2 in RASHFORD
Just An Ordinary Henchman (Yandere Superhero Harem)

Champion City, one of the greatest hotspots for superheroes and supervillains ever since thirty years ago, when super-powered individuals started to appear thanks to the rare genetic trait known as the S-Genome.So, who am I? A hero? A villain? Nope! Other than your lovely narrator, I'm unfortunately just a simple henchman. A super awesome, amazing, incredible......powerless grunt.At the bottom of the ladder, every day I work low-level criminal jobs for the high-powered supervillains of this city. To the world, I'm a worthless nobody. So, with that in mind, I have to ask. Why have these superheroes and supervillains become so extremely obsessed over me?Well, it all started with one wrong heist...I hope you're ready for a story of quips, obsessive love, action, comedy, villainy, and a lot of trying to stay alive!#1 henchmen - 11/7/2023#1 supervillain - 11/10/2023#1 yandere - 11/13/2023#1 harem - 11/15/2023#1 superpowers - 11/20/2023#1 action-adventure - 12/16/2023#1 comics - 1/29/2024#1 hero - 2/18/2024#1 of Top 10 in US - 11/17/2023

Nyarlathotep, by H.P. Lovecraft.This short story was written in 1920, and was first published in the November 1920 issue (No. 2) of the United Amateur.
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Just a whole book full of different scary stories to entertain you, the reader, none of it is my own work. Enjoy!
Transmigration of The Famous Cyber Star (2)

//this is the second part of the book a.k.a. chapt. 200+//Liu Man transmigrated from thousands of years ago to the modern world. Before she transmigrated, she was completely broke. After she transmigrated, she was still worried about her wealth. And so, for her to survive, she decided to start earning money by becoming a cyber star: trading and selling products, recording daily activities with her kittens, and showing off bits of her skills. One day she realized, that unconsciously, she had become one of the most famous celebrities. !!THIS IS NOT MY STORY OR MY TRANSLATION, PURELY FOR OFFLINE READING!!Raw Book: Vandez Translations (i encourage you to check out their site and discord! As well as give them a review on NovelUpdates. It's a good way to thank them and show our gratitude. ++ i'm not always on time to update the story, it's faster if you go directly to their site ;0) 201st chapter: also in the first comment of the first chapter i published if you wish to just click the link)st-- (it gives me a chance to talk to y'all if ur in it ;>)Side Note: Due to this actual book being more than a thousand chapters long and Wattpad's 200 chapter restriction, I will be having multiple Wattpad books for this translation.(2): I also just copy-pasted this so there may be random words like "Advertisement" etc. in there. If you happen to see any, please point them out. Thanks!
Enamored | ✓

He caressed my hair gently, his fingertips touching large chunks of silky strands, ❝I wanted to give you a chance to win and escape me. I couldn't wait anymore. I need you now.❞ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Los Angeles; known as the City of Angels. It is a city of opportunity where the stars illuminate, a city close to breathtakingly beautiful beaches and where swaying palm trees decorate the modern city. However, beneath it's façade, lays the city of the wild and corrupt. The City of Angels is a misnomer because its citizens' souls are all conquered under the prince of the Nether Realm; Daemon. All except for one. Celeste is a 17 year old girl hoping to ease her parents' financial burdens. She is the beacon of light and purity that draws Daemon to her. He reveled in her innocence because he would have another soul meant for heaven damned in his realm.Daemon proposes a deadly game to attain her soul with freedom to live as the prize. The rules of the game are now set and the players have been decided. However, as the game continues, a deadly love triangle occurs, and a potential war between heaven and hell looms. The game maker and his players might not be able to leave this game unscarred. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*#49 in Paranormal on 12/20/16Copyright © 2015. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Cabin Fever (Tini Stoessel AU)

A group of friends want to spend their vacation in a mansion located deep in the woods, it's supposed to be a time of serenity and luxury, but reality does not submit to expectations.

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I shouldn't be falling for you

Being kidnapped is not how I would imagine my new year's to go. But by who, that's something I can't even figure out. He never says a word and his eyes lock a mysterious vibe to them. Who knows what dark secrets he keeps. My friends don't even know I'm missing nor do I believe they even care, besides they have something I can never have, someone to love me. But the more I stay with my captive the more that I seem to be falling for him. I just hope someone comes and saves me before its too late.

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Stockholm Syndrome(5SOS Fanfict)

It's funny how in one moment everything can change....One night Violet was at a party and then the next she gagged and bound. Will she be able to escape? Or will she stay in captivity for the rest of her life? Will her parents give up hope on finding her? Will she be able to survive? Read to find out...

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[MTL]City God's Beauty System

DetailsShort Title : CGBSAlternate Title : 都市神豪之寻美系统Status : HiatusAuthor : Toast to the bright moonGenre : Urban LifeWeekly Rank : #2702Monthly Rank : #2197All Time Rank : #2498Tags : Arrogant Characters, Artificial Intelligence, Blackmail, Cultivation, Evil Protagonist, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Lolicon, Maids, Male Protagonist, Naive Protagonist, Netori, Orgy, Perverted Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Racism, Rape, Ruthless Protagonist, Sex Slaves, Sexual Abuse, Stockholm Syndrome, Sudden Wealth, System, Threesome, TortureNovel SummaryWhat will happen when a modern three-nothing? Pan Kang is obsessed with the old and low-handed? What will happen?...It's impossible to pass the days, it's impossible in this life.Only by squandering money and finding new beauties every day can I fill the emptiness in my heart.New Era Shenhao-Shi Lang Quotations. ...- Description from MTLNovel

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Искреннее желание

Холод и тишина сводили с ума, топливо с каждой секундой становилось меньше, а меня поглощало что-то такое, о чём я не могу сказать вслух.

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Love At First Sight( Discontinued )

Jeremy has a a crush on David but he's so afraid that he would hate him.Would David reject him or love him? Let's find out!

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"We were born into this world for a reason. It's what makes us special." Who are you to disagree? You, Y/n, was such a kind, determined and strong woman. Fighting for humanities victory against the titans. You, along with your dependable comrades, are going to win against humanities biggest threat. Will you succeed? or will you, along with your loved ones, die amongst the pile of corpses made by the titans?(***DISCLAIMER, PLEASE READ!!!*** Y/n is inspired by a few Genshin Impact characters!! example, she's going to be acting like eula because of her personality! of course, if you don't like it, you can imagine her not saying lines like "mark my words, vengeance will be mine!")

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deep end ↬ ᴋɪᴍ sᴜɴᴏᴏ

-lost in the deep end, where no one can save you❥ ; 𝗲𝗻𝗵𝘆𝗽𝗲𝗻'𝘀 𝗸𝗶𝗺 𝘀𝘂𝗻𝗼𝗼⚠︎︎ Mention of Depression, Self Harm, Suicide, violence

685 9 22

For education purposes on gender issues.

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Behind The Screens

Alex and Britten are two bloggers whose lives are completely different from one another's. One day at a music festival in Alex's hometown, their two lives collide. When they fall in love, their lives turn around for the better. The rougher it gets, the deeper the meaning. New relationships and friendships are formed, a new life is brought to the surface, and things finally start to make more sense.

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