Together - Mono x Six - Little Nightmares

Together - Mono x Six - Little Nightmares

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Category: Horror
Cover by Ylkong2

Heavily inspired by other Monix stories!

Will contain spoilers for Little Nightmares 2!

A young boy who was framed for a crime he didn't commit has been abandoned by humanity and is forced to go into hiding, wearing a bag over his head to keep his true identity secret. Roaming the woods as an outcast, he despises but must learn to get used to the feeling of being alone. His life turns around when he saves a young girl and makes it his top priority to keep her safe from the dangerous monsters they encounter.

The question is, has he put his trust in the right person?

This is my first fanfiction, so it probably will not be very good. If you have any suggestions / criticism, leave it in the comment section below.

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