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Just a random book of the ship I love.

Some Bakubottom
Some Todobottom

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BakuTodo OneShots

Just some oneshots of Katsuki Bakugou and Shoto Todoroki. If you don't like this keep scrolling :|
× Bakugou «One Shots» The Revival ×

Hullo.. so.. it's back. Updated will differentiate on how long it takes for them to come out since school and I've got another one shot book I'm super fixated with but I couldn't help myself. I'd get a load of super cool ideas and go, oh I've got no where to write them so it's back! I'm back!Ships will be acknowledged in the title via emojis, you can figure it out as you go along but I think the emojis are quite obvious enjoy I guess. I'm also so sorry about book three, it got removed and I don't know why!
Bakutodo oneshots

Bakutodo ONLYAngst 🌧️Fluff 🌺Lemon 🍋

Quick Disclaimer: If the author/publishing company of boku no hero academia/my hero academia wants this removed then I will with no hesitation remove it and I sincerely apologize as I am just a teen trying to have fun and write for hobby sake, I do not want any copyright infringement or law suits for making this or any of my fanfictions. Just as the title says it's TodoBaku oneshots! 💖(I do not do smut or anything like that as I am a minor and do not feel comfortable writing such things)

Due to an incident in the dorms, students have to now be paired up in rooms. Todoroki freaks out when he finds out he has to pair up with the one and only Katsuki Bakugou. They had been dorm neighbors before but now they have to share one room.This wouldn't be a problem for most, but now Todoroki's afraid of Bakugou finding out his secret or rather secrets.(A/N)I do not own boku no hero academia, nor do I own any of the pictures. They belong to their respected artist and creators. *Trigger Warning- self harm, gore, rape (but not in detail or anything), abuse, eating disorders,*
The New Student(Omegaverse)

Todoroki transfers to UA from being homeschooled, and is relieved to escape the hell at home with Endeavor. There he meets a rival that is none other than Katsuki Bakugou. Where will this rivalry lead to, and will he be able to find his missing brother Touya.-fluff--angst--smut--It gets better the more you read-#1 Bakutodo 1/15/21

In this fanfiction, Shoto Todoroki has OCD (obbsesive compulsive disorder) and has to share a dorm with Katsuki Bakugo. Bakugo has to learn how to cope with these new changes. Not everything is perfect, but that's alright. It might not sound very interesting, but I'll try. Also, language because Bakugo is an adorable potty mouth.
Without You || todobaku

A story in which Katsuki Bakugou and Shoto Todoroki have to navigate their feelings to understand something called 'love'. However, things aren't ever as simple as just that. Once they get the hang of each other they face challenges of trust, loyalty, others who may not be as accepting of the two males in love, and maintaining they're own minds. A constant fight for peace and tranquility is what drives the two towards the person they need most. Everything happens for a reason... even if it isn't the best reason.⚠️Trigger Warnings ⚠️ -light and heavy smut -suicidal topics/self harm-abuse-swearing-substancesI do not own anything with MHA, just this fictional angsty story.

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ون شوت تايكوك منحرف قليلا

هلاااو اشتقت الواتباد😭😭

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Playboy and Playgirl (JeonJungkook)

Ainee is the popular student in their school and she is also known as a 'PLAY GIRL' many boys fall for her but she just play with them but even Ainee plays with them they will still adore her and her brother is Kim Namjoon Jeon Jungkook is also known as the popular guy in their school and he's known as an 'PLAYBOY' He has a gang called BTS and one of his friends is Ainee's brother Kim Namjoon Jungkook plays with every girl he wants to play with BUT WHAT WILL HAPPENED IF THE PLAYBOY AND THE PLAYGIRL HATE EACH OTHER AND FALL FOR EACH OTHER?

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It was supposed to be a simple job of teaching him, how could it have turned to a situation like this? She has fallen so deep. Do you think their love will bloom?

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