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Toast of the Season

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Category: Romance
Edmund Westworth (26), the third Earl of Beaumont, and the most eligible bachelor in London, unknowingly started a tradition he now regrets. At age twenty-two he danced the first dance at the season opening ball at Almack's with a young lady who became the toast of the season. The next year he did the same. Every year since, he has danced one dance, to fulfill his mother's requirement. And every year his dance partner becomes the most sought after girl of the season. Some think he has a gift, Edmund thinks he could pick any girl and 'the ton' would deem her desirable based on his dance alone. His friends disagree and bet him 100£ to choose a dance partner who couldn't possibly entice the gentlemen of London.

When her father suddenly passes away, Elizabeth Cavendish (20) has to move in with her aunt's family. With the estate entailed, Elizabeth needs to find a husband quickly or her aunt will install her into a governess or lady's companion position, which would severely hinder Beth's ability to work on her scientific experiments. Garbed in her cousin's horrific dresses from last season, she only has a few weeks to find a husband before she is doomed to tedious work for the rest of her life. She finds an unlikely accomplice in the Earl of Beaumont.

Please don't copy any part of my story in any form (including Youtube) without my permission.

I do not own any of the pictures, they are clipped from the internet. I read all comments. And appreciate your suggestions and/or corrections.

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