Tick, Tick... BOOM!! Ayan Na Ang Tore!!

Tick, Tick... BOOM!! Ayan Na Ang Tore!!

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Ang Mensahe ni Capt. Morpheus...
"I didn't say it would be easy... I just said it would be the TRUTH!!"
"You Have to understand, most of these people are Not ready to be Unplugged. And many of them are So inert... So hopelessly dependent on the system that they will FIGHT to protect it."
"There is a DIFFERENCE between knowing the path and WALKING THE PATH!!"

May gusto lang po akong sabihin sa inyo, kung mabibigayn kayo ng Pagkakataong pumasok sa Silid Mismo sa inyong Bahay. Aling silid ang Pipiliin nyo... Iyung may Asul na kurtina o iyung Pula?Ngunit may Mandatory Rule ang TagaBantay na Mama' na Dapat Nga ninyong sundin... "Sa Asul, makikita mo ang Sarili mong silid... ngunit Hindi mo na ako mapapansin KAILAN PA MAN, BABALIK ka sa normal mong buhay, ganun lang iyon. O ang Pula, LEAVE YOUR YAGBALLS BEHIND... COME AND FOLLOW ME!! By The Meaning of YAGBALLS, ay ANG BUO MONG YAMAN MEANS LAHAT NG IYONG TANSO, AT SYEMPRE ANG PAGIGING SOLID o DEBOTO MO. Dadalhin kita INSIDE THE RABBITHOLE... This is YOUR Last Chance. HINDI KO PO SINASABING KAKAYANIN N'YO ITO... ANG SINASABI KO LANG PO AY ANG PAGKATOTOO.

Inspired by{Unknown Name}.

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