This Time, Her Turn [Completed]

This Time, Her Turn [Completed]

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Category: General Fiction
Growing up she believed she had to live life to the fullest, she could not afford to spend her time on anyone! Growing up he believed life had no meaning without love. While he fell in love long ago, his partner seemed to think she could do without love.

One incident changed that. Ramit knew it was time to give up and willed his rarely stubborn self to let her go, or if the need be, push her away. Only, Geetha's efforts to save their marriage would begin.


This story is an INFP guy ✕ INTJ girl personality interplay project set in Delhi (and Paris) and offers angst etched in their untimely grovel, hurt-comfort brought by their misunderstandings, and some light humour sprinkled amid the grand plot of love.

━━━━ Details ━━━━

🔶 Romance/New Adult/Humour
🧡 Completed. (14 May '22 - 15 Aug '22)
💠 Featured on "Roses are Red | Romance" list of NewlyWrittenBooks and "A Little Bit of Everything" list of NARomance.
💠 Proudly the winner of 1st place in Teen Fix Mini Awards 2022, 2nd in The Heart Awards, 3rd in The Dreamer Awards, all for Romance category.
➙ Chapters: 33 + Epilogue
➙ Length: 85K words
➙ Absolute reading time: 6-7 hours
➙ Please savour this story over: 2-3 weeks
➙ Edited to the best of my ability

DISCLAIMER: This is pure fiction based on my knowledge. I imply no actual persons. Do not copy. See the copyright below.

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