This Protagonist Is A Bit Sick!

This Protagonist Is A Bit Sick!

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Category: Fantasy
A salaryman, Liu Xun age 25 years old from the 21st century suddenly found himself in an unknown place once he woke up.

He then realized that he actually got transmigrated into a cultivation novel.

And the body he occupied is the Big Boss Villain, Wu Jing!

Although his future looked so bleak he firmly believed that as long as he didn't interact with the protagonists he would be fine.

However, he didn't expect that no matter what he does he always meet the protagonist!

What's worse was that it is not even the female but the male protagonist, Wan Yu instead!

Nevertheless, thinking that the protagonist was still a child he decided to take him under his wing and be his big brother.

Years have passed and Liu Xun was currently having a deep enmity with the protagonist.

Liu Xun:''I just look at your future wife for a bit so why are you having that scary looks on your face!''

He painstakingly raised him for years but for a woman who he has just met this ungrateful brat decided to turn against him! So hateful!

Liu Xun:''Do you have a 'tearing clothes' fetish or what?! Stop tearing them whenever you are angry with someone else!''

The money he used to buy clothes is a lot more than what he used to buy the medicine!

Wan Yu:''Behave or else I won't be polite anymore.''

Liu Xun:''Scram!''

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