This Love [Bts Suga ff]

This Love [Bts Suga ff]

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Watching Modaozushi (female Wei ying)

What if Jiang fengmian come too late to pick up wei ying?? And our Wei ying is 10 years old who have live alone and have little to no love for the Jiang.And what if Wei ying is a girl?And the cultivators force to watch her life?(Or an au where: The cultivators is from the canon world, they are force to watch an alternate Wei ying who is not self sacrifice idiot and is not so dense that it took wangxian 13 years ((or 16 in drama))(Both Wei ying will be there and fanon Wei ying will teach canon Wei ying to stop being self sacrifice idiots and not so dense).(Note: it's heavy cultivators world bashing cause let be real, a lot of them deserve to be slap)
I Choose You | ✓

❝ I should've listened to my heart. No matter how hard I've tried to push you away, everything leads back to you. My thoughts, the way my heart flutters rapidly and the emotions I feel when you're around. Everything. What I'm trying to say is...I choose you. ❞ *****Sophie Wilkins is the shy, nerdy girl that no one really notices in the back of the class. She only talks to one person at Oakleaf High, her best and only friend, Bree Laurel. On one of the last nights of summer break, Sophie is forced to go to a high school party by Bree. She thinks this is just another one of many awful high school parties that's hosted by one of the football jocks at her school, but this party doesn't turn out to be "another typical high school party." While at the party, she catches the eyes of Andrew Dalton, the high school quarterback and most notorious player. Andrew, who's never lost, is dared to make Sophie fall in love with him, but there's one problem. Sophie has promised herself that she will never date any of the guys at Oakleaf High because they all have arrogant personalities that she just can't handle. Although she's successfully managed to keep a low profile her entire high school life, she suddenly starts to find herself constantly being brought into situations with Andrew. Will Sophie be able to keep the promise she made to herself? Or will she fall for the player's charms? Will Andrew be able to win the heart of Sophie Wilkins without giving Sophie his? What will happen when Sophie learns it all started with a dare?Started 6/4/18Completed 9/28/18#72 in coming of age#9 in undiscoveredgems#2 in dare #4 in teen
As Cold As Ice

Prequel of Alex's life before Ace. Alex had become one of the most feared men in the country, but how did a normal kid wind up being the right hand man to the most dangerous mafia boss?. Cover design: noahshawswifey on instagram.
•𝐘𝐚𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐧 𝐤𝐚 𝐩𝐲𝐚𝐚𝐫•

(IK starting mein bilkul bakwaas hai.. but I hope I improved it now!!)Hey this is my 1st story of #kavi ..... I am not good and experienced writer but yes I love to write stories I hope you guys like this one.... Let's go into the story Purvi kavin and dushyant are childhood friend Dushyant meets ishita in his 11th standard .{As I like watching CID, SUPERCOPS VS SUPERVILLAINS, also THE BUDDY PROJECT and also ishqbaaz I added the cast of tbp too} Itni saare log kyu pata chal jaayega .They will be twists and turns in the story .STAY TUNED....#7 of cider -21/08/2021#3 of cider -23/08/2021#5 of CID- 29/08_2021#1 of cider- 06/09/2021#1 of kavi - 18/10/2021#2 of CID- 04-12-2021#1 of CID - 05-12-2021#1 of CID - 18-06-2022#1 of supercops - 17-06-2022#4 in Cid - 11-03-2023

"I'm not giving up cause without her...""What""Without her I am nothing... I know I did some fucked up shit but me and her ... we inseparable."

//"Sometimes I feel like Radha, not because I had a relationship signified with an eternal soul but because of the curses of not being able to be with my Lord Krishna"//©zeelparmarI hope someday when I am gone.someone, somewhere, picks my soul up off of this pages and thinks,"I would have loved her"My every unspoken word!! ©all rights reservedby Zeel Parmar
Reincarnated as Sans twin brother

The reader wakes up to a new life as a monster skeleton. In a new world, that's filled with monsters, humans, and magic. But instead of living their new life to the fullest, they will have to survive Gaster's experiments and war with humans. Just because Asgore became mad for absolute control over his citizens and the humans. Will the reader and his brothers find their freedom and a place to call home or die trying?

I never wanted her.I never liked her.I never loved her.I despised...loathed...hated her.But it only takes one night and my feelings for her changes forever .I thought, I will have my forever now...But...I'm too late...........Book cover credits to: Wonderer Forestdamn

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The secret garden~ on hold

Long time ago a big war broke between the two races monsters and humans but that didn't last long . Million of years had passed since the end of the war but our story doesn't talk about the war .It talks about 4 people their story start in the covenant of king Asgore or let's say most of the story happened after his death . The first person , was a normal villager who hated her own kind . The second person , was a princess who escaped from her own castle or lets say that she escaped from her whole kingdom .The third person , was a guy who travelers from place to place never knowing that the whole kingdom is searching for him . The last person , is a lazy pirate who hate the royal family .undertale belong to toby fox and the cover belong to the artist .

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Accountancy Matter a firm with excellent skills regarding Tax Return Melbourne

Have you filed your tax returns at the end of this financial year or you are looking for proper assistance to file taxes? Well, your wait ends here. Accountancy Matters is the perfect answer for you. Accountancy Matters is one of the finest Accountants in Melbourne. With a thorough knowledge of Australian Tax rules, Accountancy Matters with a team of skilled professionals, assemble your group certificate, records and receipts and appoints an accountant to file your tax returns.Accountancy Matters offers services to individuals, professionals and businesses. Bookkeeping services are also offered to all businesses. Bookkeeping service helps you to analyze all the business operations including receipts, payments, liabilities etc. When the clients share their financial records, we analyse them and understand their financial status in order to assist them in the correct way and to lead their business to a higher level reducing tax returns.Accountancy Matters is the best Accountants Melbourne team offering services to sole traders as well. All the records of each and every client is kept safe in order to maintain the secrecy. Quality service and a good relationship with clients has made Accountancy Matter a successful firm in Australia. Our accomplished team of experts focuses on providing the best business to each clientele. Accountancy Matters offers services to small scale and medium scale businesses as well. All your financial statements are recorded systematically to avoid any errors in the near future.

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Genshin Impact ||Lemons/Smut Short stories||

These are my practice!! A lot of them are the that good so I apologize!!!! <3Only canon and adult characters for spicy!!! 🥰 so please don't recommend minors thank you!!!

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TMNT 2012's Long Lost Tales!

This is based off a roleplay me and @Dafunik (My best bud) did! By the way, this takes place way, way back, the year 1978.

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Tear-stained pages - [ONGOING]

----"drowning in a sea of darkness" ----I can't breathe, so I write all the things I can't say#27 in poetry 9/8/20 #1 in poetryanthology 9/10/20

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Teen Monsters 🐍 S.S.

Derek has started to build his pack while the Argents have declared war against all werewolves. Scott and Stiles move to keep Derek's pack in line but Stiles also prepares to face against the Argents while Scott focuses on sneaking around with Allison without them knowing. When a new killer creature appears Scott wants to work with the hunters to stop it but Stiles believes they can't be trusted, including Allison. He feels Scott is blinding himself to the truth. Sometimes the worst of monsters aren't the ones with fangs and claws.Teen Wolves #2Sequel to Teen Wolves. Cover by stiles24stilinskiXD

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Whim || JJK x reader

Born in a world with no corners and no structure you fell threw the crack of reality into worlds of madness. Slipping through time and eternity you land in a place you call "home". A disciple of chaos, you who have everything at the tip of your finger can shape everything and anything... But where is the fun in that?

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Somebody Gotta Save My Soul

Alpha's in the Dollhouse, and out on an assignment. Everything seems to be going well and that's never a good sign. He's a wonderful help to the good pastor and his superchurch: too good.Notes:Pre-Season 1: you could say pre-AU, or you could say it's amazing what the Dollhouse can clean up if it's convenient.Work title from the Stooges' 'Search and Destroy'.File this one under 'things I forgot I'd written.'All rights reserved.

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Texas Guys ep. 5-

Newton must choose between his friend and his career.

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Eddsworld! (Edd x Reader) [DISCONTINUED]

You are Matt's sister and you are forced to drop out of college when you find out that Matt was nearly killed by one of his roommates. Upon seeing your brother after a few years, however, you meet two of his best friends. But one of them can't seem to be comfortable when talking to you. He's always so nervous, but he never is to anyone else. Hmmmmmm...[DISCONTINUED]

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