This Gift I Was Given (The Boys That Lives In My House)

This Gift I Was Given (The Boys That Lives In My House)

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Category: Paranormal
My name is Jess Taylor, I haven't had the easiest life I lost both my parents in a car crash, I even died for a couple minutes. Maybe because I lost both my parents or because I died for those couple of minutes, I had a mental breakdown and ended up in a mental hospital for awhile.

After I got out we ended up moving to a new town trying to make a fresh start, that's where I learned I could talk to ghost. The time I lived in the cane street house was the best and one of the many worst times of my life.

I made friends and I met Luke who became the love of my life but just like everything, it ended and Luke went into the light.

Me and my aunt Lora moved to a new town trying to make another fresh start but this town has secrets too even darker ones. I'm trying to embrace my new gift and help ghost move on, I'm still pretty new at all this ghost stuff but I'm trying. Maybe this is the town for me it seems like everyone has a secret here.


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