This Boy Named Steven

This Boy Named Steven

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This boy named Steven was my everything, we laughed together and cried together. We had our good times and our bad, but somehow everything always seemed to work out for the best. We were always a joined at the hip. He was my addiction, The one very person that could destroy me with one single word, he held my heart in the palm of his hand, whether he knew it or not. I needed him. MY life couldn't be complete without him. When his parents called me and told me He had died in duty, I didn't want to live, I didn't want there to be a life without him. After many long months of depression, I decided to lift my head up and write this for him. Much like Agustus Waters he always wanted to be remembered, I write this for him so that his legacy could live on through the heart of another person, I'm happy to be able to this one last thing for him, to be able to re-live all of our moments, so that I can see him again through the memories. So, This is our Story.

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Iliana Bloomington has a problem, she's in love with ten men. Not just any ten men, but brothers. That's not all, they are either. But the worst part of it all, she's more than a little sure that they aren't even a little bit interested in her. Care for her, yes, after all she is the only child of their parents good friends.She determines to leave once she turns eighteen since the oldest of the brothers is also her guardian. But when he finds out her plans all she knows is turned upside down.

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